As we are getting close to 0.60 and As you know one of the features which make a return is rain(and fog)…I saw some wallpaper that shows lightning occur at the background but that seems it doesn’t have any effect on the map or anything like that…I just thought what would happened if a lightning comes a bit closer and occurs Just above us…I mean just imagine this;It’s a very dark night(hope gamma abuse has been fixed) and you are out in the woods,wolves yowling can be heared from distance,Then the rain start to fall,after a while a storm will began…now it’s foggy as well as it is dark…suddenly a lightning will occur and the whole map(or at least a part of the map)get bright for 2-3 sec…(and you see a survivor with axe in the wood who is coming for youuuuuu)then it’s going dark again…and it should be better if after 10 sec you hear the roar of the lightning…I think it would be fucking goooooood…

What do you think?

And sry for my English:)