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This is a basic rundown of our interaction with you, our internal process for communication and some other odds and ends in no particular order.

“When it’s ready.”

The above is our boilerplate response to, “Where is .60,” questions. It’s gonna remain the same until such point as we say otherwise, which we will.

Fact is, our highly skilled, exceptionally dedicated development team are working through the very time-consuming task of bringing the very best, most functional version of .60 to you. Outside of providing details in our bi-weekly status report on exactly why it’s not live yet and sharing other vital details, they simply don’t have time to stop their work to drill down into the minutiae of their daily tasks to keep everyone abreast of everything, all the time, at every moment.

On that…

We are working on more avenues to communicate DayZ details to you.

And by we, I mean myself and Brian. Last year was a bit of a transitional period in a lot of ways, and communication slowed. You’ll (hopefully) be quite happy to know that we endeavor to provide even more video content on a regular basis where the above mentioned devs, QA folk and more will take time out of those busy schedules to put together informational content for you to consume.

In this, you’ll get to know our team better, understand more clearly the process of our development and what it entails, and get a clearer picture of everything and everyone that is bringing DayZ to you. All of this content will be shared here on this account, as is all official DayZ content and news.

Which brings us to our next point…

No other outlet, forum or person/s are sources of current or new information regarding DayZ but the DayZ Development Twitter account.

None. That means, when you start writing, “I read somewhere that *insert information for unreleased information regarding dates/items/features* was coming on *insert time*,” you can save yourself the keystrokes. Unless we said it here, or in a press release sent to an actual reputable outlet, it’s guaranteed not to be a thing.

Everyone that works at BI with a hand in DayZ still defers new info to this account, even Brian. If we have an official announcement, you’re going to find it here and on DayZ.com first, particularly if it’s big news.

This circles back to, “When it’s ready.” Asking each week if that’s the week .60 will drop, is always going to be met with the same answer, because the day we’re quite certain (see: 100%) that it’s going live, we’ll have already posted it across every platform we use. This goes for any other prospective major feature/timeline news. There will literally never be a time someone writes, “So is it coming before next Friday?” that we’ll respond with, “Oh! Fffff, totally forgot to share this info! Yes, yes it is. Pardon the oversight.”

We want to get the newest content out to you as much as you want it. Trust us, our team gets very excited every time we reach an internal milestone, kill a miserable bug, up FPS in cities even more, etc. But until something is exactly (or as near that as possible) where we want it to be for public consumption, it stays put, and we the fan-facing internet communication-types, aren’t going to be share anything new outside of the Status Reports. Which, by the way, are full of clear, concise, easy to delve into information.

Speaking of our excited development team and information…

Nobody is communicating with you in code.

Our developers have Twitter accounts, and working at BI is a part of their life. Twitter is a fantastic place to talk about things in that life! Often, said team will mention their excitement at something that has happened in the dev process as it relates to their particular expertise. Sometimes, they just post a rather ambiguous thing because that happens on social media. Sometimes, they’ll even answer basic questions about DayZ. Not often, but it happens.

That said, there are no secret messages or meanings behind comments made by anyone associated with DayZ or BI.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a completely harmless Tweet get dissected *COUGHredditCOUGH* by fans eager for new info. I even saw a discussion about a winky-face emoticon at the end of a response, and whether or not that winky-face meant the content of this response was actually the opposite of what was written.

This is not a thing. This will never, ever be a thing.

As it relates to DayZ, anything we share we share directly, without need for a deciphering key, or any version of cryptanalysis. I hate the term, but handle your “hype” responsibly. If a BI employee talks about being excited about something on their particular social media platform, that doesn’t mean we’re ten minutes away from the latest build, nor does it mean DayZ is getting submarines. It very likely means they have pushed the game that much further toward a particular goal, even if something as simple as fixing an obnoxious bug. Being that any major news will be coming from @dayzdevteam alone, simply take these Tweets as a small window into the lives of people working hard on a game they are deeply invested in.

Also, be nice to them. And speaking of being kind denizens of the internet…

Cursing at/harassing us is a fantastic way to get a vacation from our Twitter account!

We get it. Waiting for something you want can get frustrating. Nonspecific information isn’t always a lot of fun. Working on early access games of this magnitude is time-consuming, and the process can be painstaking when taking steps forward (though we very much are moving forward). That said, dropping f-bombs isn’t cool, and while we’re happy to discuss frustrations, we’re under no obligation to take abuse.

We’re happy to talk to you folks about the things we *can* talk about, and even happier to go out of our way to provide more in-depth discussion when we’re spoken to like humans. Essentially, pleasant interaction goes a long way in opening channels of communication. The opposite closes them, though generally temporarily.

tl;dr – .60 is coming when it’s coming, you’ll know when it’s here because we’ll have said so, new social content regarding DayZ is being worked on and it’s gonna be cool, this account is the official account for all DayZ news (accept no substitutes), there are no secret codes buried in innocuous posts from anyone working on DayZ, and don’t be rude, we’ll be more willing to chat you up if you aren’t.



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    To summarize the beginning of that release date affair,

    It all started on January 27 with a tweet from Harton Eugene showing us a new engine with 110 fps. Everyone knew that this screen REFLECT no way the new engine.

    Already exceeded by various repports previous releases (who made only very few bugs and patches see vehicles), this tweet left a taste … or deceit or incompetence for the shot.

    Often redirected to twitter by dayz devellopement, people started to think they would can be more direct and more honest answers on twitter.
    Except that when the output of “Legends 0.60 Central Economy: Dev Log Overview” talk of a goal for end of february. So who to believe? yet it is on the official website.

    March 9, eugene tweet says wake up to good news and talk Implemented for the release. But nothing happens. Peoples arent upset of the time u Taking to work, just by our communication is everything.

    Guys, We Understand Develop Taking Time game, but the problem mostly comes from hazardous communication on different platforms relayed by the same devs them.

    Negative feedback has an origin, this one taking shape because of various delays, false information relayed by the devs, and not holding the fixture list.

    I’m sure if instead of posting tweets, you announced a date (even far away is you and only you who can estimate the time it takes) if people would be required.

    This communication problem is you, and if you have bad feedback because of successive errors is not our fault. And seriously say “when it’s ready” can not be an acceptable answer. When we see the other games early access releases can be compared as if the project proceeds quickly, slowly or very slowly.

    What surprises many people is mainly the time taken between each release, given the number of sales, we have the impression that you are working for a 3 peeled BOHEMIA, yet this is not the case. Invest a little so other developers as, expand your team, communicating change, here is the good guideline and the goal would be most understandable to all. arretez twitter and concentrate on one site because everything that is said there does nothing apart trouble.

    Nothing here is rage, I made the observation of what has happened in recent months.

    • Profile photo of Kentucky Windage

      Well said, even if english isn’t your mother tongue. I agree with Boris.

      To add to what he said, what you fail to realize is that thousands of “us” are also heavily invested in this project. We have put in ridiculous hours of play, sent info to the debug channels and paid into the project, a kind of investment with promises of better things. I won’t go into the proposed timelines for this game as they are well documented in the public record. The timelines have a history of rarely ever being met, so forgive our impatience, but that is on you.

      If I ran my business like you do, I probably wouldn’t be in it for much longer. Even hinting at a timeline for something is basically making a deadline for that thing. Not delivering on it is a failure to understand the business dynamic. If I make a mistake in promising a product for my client at a certain time, guess who will be starting work early and finishing late every day to make sure the deadline is made? F#@$ your excuses.

      Social media is what it is, this is 2016. If you don’t like negativity on the inter webs too bad. Stop being incompetent fools and making us all feel bad about being involved in this crapstorm of a project. I have taken verbal beatings from every single friend who I dragged into this project, and justifiably so. So save your paternal chastising for someone who doesn’t know better.

      • Profile photo of Mali

        I even got verbal beatings by Brian Hicks after criticizing him about all the W.I.P at the same time, instead of finishing things first. Then he told me that I should stop playing if I don’t want it etc. . It’s just sad how mad they get about bad critics, and I’m not a guy with only a few hours DayZ ( 950 SA , 650 Mod )

  • Profile photo of phoe9ix

    TL;DR of the TL;DR:
    Ask us about anything other than when 0.60 is coming out. We will tell you when 0.60 is ready.

  • Profile photo of Bandito Guy

    And you talk about being rude.I suggest you think about what your saying before typing it dude.

    • Profile photo of thechosenone729

      Im mad not because i can be or just for fun im mad because i give them money for alpha stage as many peoples do also they say the game will be done in 2015 lol.

      2016 !
      -Game still dont have renderer out.

      -They acting like but we dont give a shit about you if u asking us “When its ready”… thats all they can say.

      -This game is already old when it comes out in 2017 it will be old just old other games will be like KingKong oposite to poor DayZ.

      -Comunity is splited to two parts Fanboys that cant take any critic on this game cuz “DAYZ IS BEST GAME ON THIS WORLD” and haters like me…
      and i was fan of this game first two years now im just hating cuz they are retarded.

      -Dev Leaders are shittalkers or storytellers that keep saying or releasing plans for dayZ thats are not even close or possible for dayz (like base building)…

      -Current state of this game 0.59 is almost unplayable in city.

      and we can continue complaning about cheaters and so on… it is just like that DayZ is dying if 0.60 will not worth shit its dead game.

  • Profile photo of WafflesYo420

    this is why i quit communities xD

  • Profile photo of Jim

    I don’t know jack about making a game But i understand it takes time , and even more time when you scrap the old game as you make a new game out of dayz sa and do your best to let us play the game in the mean time. Not all of us wine and hate because we understand.

  • Profile photo of Dr. Bonehard

    99,99% of the hate is coming from individuals in their early teenage years who has nothing else to do in life but wait and whine.
    And 0,01% is coming from my wife who’s being spiteful of the fact that my fingers spend more time caressing the keyboard then her s̶a̶g̶g̶y̶ perky frontal lobes.