-SHWK- is a highly tactical combat group with experience in everything from small group gorilla warfare to large 20 man operations on max pop servers. We have also participated and hosted many clan events such as on our current public server The Dead Zone Active Admins/Hacker Free INTENSE PVP IP: where it is open to all clans for king of the hill style group combat such as a clan taking a town and admins directing groups on server to attempt to take those areas held visit our server Steam page for more info http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Thedeadzoneclanbattles. Unlike most pvp servers that are freshie rich we are looking for geared coordinated group play and have run 5v5 to multi clan pvp events in the past. We have also have done in depth tactical training showing players the proper methods and tactics we employ in game and have offered this training to other clans as well as on field aid such as base protection etc.

We are currently looking for players with the maturity and willingness to learn tactics and coordinated combat to join our ranks. We offer multiple servers, hacker protected unlike almost all other servers on the community hive as well as teamspeak, training, safe basing and farming as well as constant action almost daily as our hit list of targets increases. If this sounds like a group you would like to be involved with and meet the qualifications below please contact -SHWK-Dyabolikal on steam or email us at shadowhawktactical@gmail.com.

Qualifications for membership:

*Maturity especially in coms as we run battle coms not frat parties in our operations *Must be 25yo or older *Must be available to run Ops and be active in the clan *Must have a mic and headset for teamspeak. (no speakers I do not enjoy blowing my ears out to background noise) *No Vac or Game Bans, we do not recruit hackers we hunt them down.

If you meet these qualifications please contact us. We do not have an in game hour requirement as we can make new players into good players if they are willing to learn, we just cant train headcases to be normal.

If you are a Clan owner or Officer and interested in clan combat against other geared clan groups please contact -SHWK-Dyabolikal or -SHWK-Luke on Steam we would enjoy going into more details with you.

Happy hunting!!!!


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