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Hello everyone I am U1T1MATR1X and i would like to suggest a list of things that could be added in the coming future if the development team would like it.

This list I will try to make organized but bear with me.

Food Items:

Russian IRP or Russia’s 24 hour military ration. This food item would only be found at General Military and Helicopter Crash Sights and rarely in the general layout of Chernarus. The food item would have the highest content of calories and water of any food item of the game but as staed before would be rare to find. Also very rarely might possibly be a crate of IRPS in a helicopter crash site to simulate a supply drop gone wrong thus giving the lucky survivor quite a bunch of food. Link to what an IRP is: http://www.mreinfo.com/international-rations/russian-irp/

SPAM or SPAM like food. A can of meat similar to the canned tuna already in game. The can of food would either give a little more or a little less calories as the canned tuna or tactical bacon but would be as commonly found as Tactical Bacon.

Ramen Noodles or Instant Noodles. This food item would be very similar calories wise as to the powdered milk. The food would dehydrate you but give you a fair amount of energy and could be commonly found around Chernarus like Powdered Milk.

Canned Beef(or any soup) Soup or Stew. This food item would be similar in calories in tactical bacon and could be found across Chernarus.

Pickled Herring in a can or jar. Herring is a common food in Russia and would be a nice touch to the game as the calories could be similar to canned tuna or sardines.

Freeze Dried food: Packets of freeze dried food could be found in hunting shacks or stands and uncommonly in houses. This food would have to have watered added to it to be eaten but would have a high calorie count similar to rice or tactical bacon.

Acorns or Nuts. This food item could be found in the forests of Chernarus. You would have to search trees to find them and they would give similar calories to the berries in game.

More Water or Hydration items. Smaller water bottles, Gatorade like drinks, Liter Bottles of Soda or Pop, Metal Water canteens able to have water boiled in them to purify the water and then be cooled down to be able to drink the water, Gallon jugs of water, Water barrels at military bases to simulate supplies for troops.

More food and rink items in general.

Firearms and Weapons:

PPSH-41. This Russian sub machine gun would be a good a addition to the game and could have the 35 round stick magazines or the more rare 71 round drums and could be chambered in the .380 or 9mm in game caliber.  This gun would only spawn at military bases like the sks so the gun would be rare and hard to find a well and would ad a nice Russian touch to the game.

RPK. This Russian light machine gun would use either 30 round, 40 round (have to be added in game 40 round) and 75 round rums and could be a very useful and successful light machine gun. The RPK would be less accurate than the akm but would be better than at offering suppressive fire rather than accurate fire. The gun would be very rare and only be found at military bases or helicopter crash sites.

Nagant M1895 Revolver. This revolver would be a classic gun to add to the game and would spawn in houses like the red 9, makarov ,p1 pistol. the caliber would be up to the developers since the actual caliber is not in game but a likely candidate would be the .357 round.

More hunting style weapons. I dont have a specific model of firearms but more hunting weapons would be a nice touch to the game.

More Firearms and melee weapons in general.


Woodland Camouflage M-65 Jacket. The camo version would be just as rare as the other colours but would be better choice for those who want to have an 8 slot jacket but with a more subdued color.

Red Army Ushanka. This Ushanka would have an red army star and be just as common as the others ushankas but with a more Russian feel to it.

More variety of different backpacks. I do not have any specifics but more backpacks would be nice to add to the game.

More camouflage clothing. More camo variates  like a green and black gorka suit or more surplus military or civilian camo clothing. More Russian camo themes would be nice.

More vest,chest rig, holster, and etc. More vests or chest rigs like 7 pocket chest rigs would give the game more option to the player on what to wear.

More fire starting options like a ferro rod or lighter.

More survivalist themed gear.

More clothing and gear in general.


Drivable Police Car, Ambulance, More variety of vehicles and motorcycles.

Other, Misc,

More fish and wildlife varieties

Winter based servers where players have to battle the cold and where white to bleand in and also simulate the brutal Russian winters.

Well this is all i have for now but i am not saying this should all be added at once but would be nice if it could be added in the future to make the game more fun and diverse.



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    The Nagant M1895 revolver would be better suited to the .380 round, as any website with any information on the gun will tell you it is characteristically weak, but there are still some cases of rural Russian and former USSR countries using this revolver in their local police forces alongside modern firearms. Also, I think it would be more common to find a PPSH 41 out in a hermits cabin, suggesting that the former owner of the place was a war veteran of some kind; the PPSH 41 is not in active service, so finding it on a military base would be a little strange.

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      I did not think about the PPSH 41 like that thanks for thinking outside the box i appreciate it. I agree with the Nagant Revolver as it is in general a weak caliber in rea life so .380 would make sense but not really since .380 is not a rimmed cartridge but it would be a good caliber to fit the actual power of the revolver.

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    Why would a PPSH41 be located in a military base? They aren’t used by any Slavic military today (to my knowledge). They should be very rare and found in cabinets in certain houses or in evidence lockers in police stations perhaps.