Blooddove Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Savage Bandits is a Private Clan event Server. The admins of Savage Bandits are known as the [CODE9] Clan.

We host PvP Events On the weekends. You can win actual Military Gear sent via postal service. Or Cash money sent via online banking if you manage to kill an Admin of [CODE9] during an event

But to make these events happen we need players! or Groups of friends or Other clans to come call our server Home. You can come make a stash prepare yourself or your group for weekends events.

If you’re interested COME RIVAL [CODE9] Server IP:
Also Like our Facebook Page the Savage Bandits! DayZ Server! For updates and Posts for Events

Don’t Have anyone to play with? [CODE9] Is recruiting new CODES:

Please be 18+ (Excpetions Vairy)

Please have 200+ Hrs in ARMA Esq. Games

Add me on Steam: blooddove


  • Sent friends invite this morning to you and Joe. I’d like to join the clan and help support the DayZ server.

    Did y’all take the server down as it’s not showing in Community Server list today?


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