Remove the new military installations and place the spawns in already exiting roadblocks.

Ive noticed a couple places where new military tents have been put into game. I think they should not be put in but the already exiting roadblocks should be used for these item spawns instead.  I like the one north of Pass Sosnovky but the one in Cherno, was it?, I think is too much. Too much military item spawns in game is taking away from the survival aspect of the game. I get the feeling devs are succumbing to player input to get good rapport. Ive been playing games for about 20 years and Ive seen this KILL games. Dark age of Camelot, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft,  just to name a few that Ive seen game producers bend too much to input from players. Suggestions I understand, but how many of you have spent 20 years of gaming and observed the pros and cons from a gamer perspective?
I really hope you dont KILL DayZ.

“Too much paint and youll have to tear down the whole fence.” – TodaysTom Sawyer


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    Yeah, but now they are adding some dangerous wildlife, They like puppies for now but when they get tweaked a little it will be a different story. The amount of infected versus the amount of ammo laying around also starts to equal out. Luckily I’ve been a stealthy player all my life and I managed to go through the whole of Elektro unnoticed, but it took me a while to do, much longer then in the past just to get mowed down by an unfriendly in Zelen later
    Bears are coming too. Once the animal AI have been well programmed those tents could prove usefull, but as I also mentioned there are very many unfriendy’s in this game breaking it’s back

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    I never find any high tier military loot at the cherno tents… And the tents fit into the post apocalyptic theme, so why not keep them.