Good Morning Chernarus, good Morning Comrades,

Hereby i would like to introduce the Reign of Wolves, Dayz Standanlone Server, for which we are looking for inhabitants, fellow souls to survive the apocalypse of Dayz and Chernarus.

Y’all know, the neighbourhood can be pretty dull and everywhere are just those lazy and slopy Infected tumbling around.
Even in an apocalypse everybody should deal with some interpersonal relationships, every once in a while, an.
For this meaning i’ll invite everybody to join this Server and maybe you will stay for a little bit longer, to survive in this, slightly unpleaseant world with others.
Everybody is welcome, doesn’t matter if Hero or Bandit, Hermit or Cannibal, or whatever you will come up with (Creativity Rules).

Basically we don’t care about your playstyle, there are no strict rules, no boundaries. Only a few simple guidelines should always be kept in mind:
Kill on Sight is not an Option. You don’t have to have some extraordinary kind of roleplay everytime you’re interacting with others. Just don’t shot, mindlessly, on eachother. Everybody wants to have fun and it shouldn’t turn into frustration becaus of this.
Also, avoid to destroy any Basestructures without reason, this is not appreciated. You wanna rob somebody, go ahead, be creativ and make it an experience for everybody involved.

Short recap:
NO Kill on Sight
NO useless destroying of basestructures

Thats basically it, for the guidelines, we don’t wanna create something like a Bill of Dayz.

Here you can find the Server:

Servername: Reign of Wolves (RoW): EtunaHaimR (BuildAnywhere)
Password: none
Slots: 30
Mods: BuildAnywhere

Teamspeak: (ATTENTION: this is just a small TS Channel, if you can’t join it might be just full. Also it is not meant for permanent ingame communication)

Now some additional infos for the Server.
Nighttime is about 30 minutes, the day is well over 2 hours long.
The loottable will unfrequently be changed, but is focused more on the survival side of things. Weapons, Ammunition, Food won’t be available in abundance but we are always aware to make it not unfair especially for the new characters on the Server.

Last but not Least:
We all hope, we all will have a good outcoming, fun and some crazy experiences in the close future.
We will meet in Chernarus, the Apocalypse is still not over.