Aeolus Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

After this new update I have twice experienced loading in on a public server only to find I had respawned. Before I had logged off however I was nowhere near anyone or any zombies. I had died randomly. Before anyone says that I had been on a private server I had logged out and back on multiple servers with my loot I lost when I most recently joined another public server. It honestly pisses me off how the developers will add random stuff to the game sometimes even makes the game worse, but also won’t fix bugs. The game in the beginning was fun because you could actually find loot and sure you might die from glitches every now and then but it was very early and that was expected. It has been a long time and the towns barely spawn food anymore as well as the glitches haven’t gotten much better. The game has become nearly unplayable and I honestly do not think the developers even care about the game. Dayz started out with more assets as a literal copy of another game yet they can’t even keep up with Rust who updates and fixes bugs regularly, even redoing the entire game because they wanted to fix it. Dayz developers are lazy and have lost interest of many players because of it.


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    it’s a bug they changed the servers lineup and are going to fix it.
    BI run public servers will be on a separate hive, rented servers and moded will be on a separate hive also.

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    You can have a total of 4 characters alive. 2 first persons and 2 third persons. (private and public). You can see before you choose a server what character is alive on that particular server you are going to join.

    You can still find loot, I find lots of it. Move out from the coast..

    Game unplayable… … nah far from it, it’s in it’s best state right now. .63 will probably be godly!