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Please get a coffee first. This is truly a Question for a Suggestion to be Discussed. Please read as it is interesting and I think many would love this idea too.

I have been thinking about this specific topic for a while now, and the more I think on it the more and more it makes sense. It is concerning the state of the game that has spawned basically 2 types of players. There’s the PvP guys and then those who prefer PvE or in better words people who I see want to play with more maturity. I enjoy both, but it gets a bit tedious when you run into a squeaker (person younger than 15/ mickey mouse/ whatever) and they come and foul mouth you yelling all types of obscenities and how they want to do whatever and whatnot’s to the relatives close to you. Big mouthing with growling voices like they are the devil and demons themselves. This is exactly where I have seen a trend of more mature people taking over the PvE aspect of the game.

Why, because it is fun and it is fantastic to do something more than just wreck people all over Chernarus and boast about it. PvE players tend to look at the finer details of the game, the Hunting, the Fishing, Camp building, collecting a vehicle and the trouble to keep it going and also MOST off all collecting valuables that get overlooked by pretty much anyone else not interested in these objects like books (most fascinating items too me) or very scarce gear and then the preservation of it.
I have this idea and it is a solid and strong idea to me and maybe some others would see the benefits of this idea and just build upon it and maybe the Developers could have a look into it as well. (pretty please I hope they do)

We already have different shards where you could have up to 4 different characters (not counting characters for each and every private shard), but we do have already

Public 1st/3rd Person

Public 1st Person only

and then the same for Private Hives.

Why not create then some extra shards to divide the public ones a little more with or just change the shards completely to these –

PvE, Extreme servers … Player vs Environment, Extreme conditions. a Lot less gear, no real need for any High Spec Military gear like Landmines, Grenades and who knows, maybe even less SVD’s and Vintores’s. With the need to really Focus on survival. Zombies just ever so slightly tweaked for a bit more aggression. Maybe even the possibility of White-listing these said servers, but only if you have a two thirds majority of your server amount players signed up so it is not closed to all because of selfishness. Last point to be discussed a bit more later.

PvP, Ultimate … Player vs Player, Ultimate with greater gear availability, with the focus on a lot more operational gear laying around like the DayZ of old we all. More great stuff if there can be?. Every 5 -10 houses could have a great random civilian weapon ready, every other 5 – 10 Houses have the rounds for that specific weapon. But do not take away the extremism of the wild life and zombies so that life is particularly difficult too, also not the food, make them survive there too, because you still got to go to the military compounds for your precious SVD and M4’s and whatever else that is needed to be king of the world.

Let’s just look at some pros and maybe cons of this idea!

PvE,E positives (player v environment, extreme)

1) Developers do currently boast (no offense) about the fact that they do have a controllable tweak system to the loot economy where they can make changes on the fly without server restart options, So just ultra tweak for less is better!

2) Only character’s on PvE,E can spawn in a PvE,E server. No super uber geared player from an PvP,U server can join there as they would be different shards, much the same as it is now for Private and Public shards. So no front foot in the door cheating there for anyone.

3) Hackers would maybe not deem it too necessary to go on a server or system that is not beneficial too them as there is nothing to gain by their cheats, plus if it gets the possibility to be white listed, so they do face some serious BAN charges as they will be nailed with proof

4) You do get to separate the men from the boys. It’s a place where mature people can meet on the principles on what this game was meant to be, a Survival game with better options to work together or outplay one another without bad slanders. Saying mature, I have met some very well-mannered 16-year old player types with better manners than some older folks have.

5) a Bit more expensive option to White list your server, BUT as I mentioned that it will only get a password protection or White listing capabilities if you at can least prove that you got two thirds of your server amount players applied for such luxuries. 20 out of 30 OR 40 out of 50 OR 45 out of 60 so the Developers could feel satisfied there will be a controlled couple servers with AT LEAST more than 1 or 2 people on that is not locked to all else.

6) Speaking on the idea on behalf of both versions. There will definitely be a player base for both styles and I do believe with a strong hart that if this could happen, there will be a stronger server count leaning towards PvE,E as there are so many players just trying this game out for that reason.

At nights I sit and count servers, which from my playable perspective with pings ranging from 15 to 299 that only just 100 servers average are held by the PvP aspect of it. All the famous names are there, Inferno in Cherno, Bambiland and and and. Thereafter the numbers die down to over 1000 servers plus with players ranging from 10 down to 1 downwards per server and then even 30/40/50 player servers with a crazy average of zero players on them. That is over a 1000 servers average that share a player base of around 1000 to 1500 players… MAYBE! These are people not interested in dying by just saying a friendly hello or a damn guy shooting you through a wall (because he got no skill it needs to be said) after you survived 1-3 days collecting your rare valuables. Maybe 24- 50 hours of collective play to die by an idiot. I say all this above as I am from South Africa and we only have 5 server’s collectively. The rest of the time we have to play European and 200 odd ping is not bad at all
So not everyone is a fighter and some do not last in this game, they want to enjoy it too, just as much as the killer… so then give the killers their own

PvP,U (player v player, ultimate)

1) Loot Galore

2) Everyone can be killed, no questions asked as the servers state they are strictly PvP

3) Give players random spawns all over the map, as it would make no sense for people to play when they are not interested at all in the survivor story line. They just do not give a toss, they just want to fuck someone up

4) Cheaters COULD just MAYBE give up because there will be enough of anything around, so no need to cheat your way to get an M4 with unlimited ammo or whatever they do to get the better of the next guy.

5) These servers would be jam packed from the get go, to a point where I think the queuing system would break. So many people would definitely return to enjoy the game and more would even purchase it because of both variants on offer. That is something I feel the most positive about

6) These PvP,U guys, or those who love the DayZ would genuinely also try their hand sometime at survival, because everyone will want to see the survival aspect of the game, just to get hit in the face when they meet the harsh reality of what it would take to survive.

7) a Collective number 7 as both server types would benefit here. It is that it would give streamers and storytellers even and better stories to tell, and the quality of the streaming would be magnificent and videos that would be made from the playable aspects will be extraordinary. Youtube would maybe not be happy, but we would. If this could happen, it will be fan f’ing tastic should it become a realization

There could be more even, MUCH more positives coming from readers to be elaborated by those interested in this post, so please, pretty please share thoughts, even the negative ones as they would start to weigh against the positives.
There are unfortunately many divided players playing this beautiful game and I have lost very many friends because of the state of DayZ with Hackers free roaming soon after each released major patch and then the constant cheaters in the forms of Wall glitchers, Wall bangers and all other bad shit players out there. So trolls are inevitable not to comment commenting some pretty nasty stuff, so they are a huge possibility to break the idea down

I/ We also cannot say Hackers would stay away because of such a major change, but it could be a game changer if it is given a solid try. So many would come back to try out the game again. Why? Because over 3.5 million people bought this game and only a drop in the water keep on playing it. I understand it’s unfinished, but will the ones who left find it a game changer when they return to the finished product, or will they just shrug their shoulders and say Nah! same shit different day? I believe both player types got to be kept happy and this is my idea on doing that

I Really try to keep the game alive for many players/ friends. Trying to keep them to BELIEVE in DayZ when all goes to shit, and I honestly believe that this is pretty much a BIG and ACHIEVABLE step towards breathing a different freshness from DayZ.

Hope your coffee did go cold’

Please excuse my English, grammar and spelling. It is not my native tongue!


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    I feel like splitting the shards even more would reduce the populations on certain servers. I don’t quite get why people complain about the constant PVP. You are not going to change how people act, you can only really change the game. In the future when they add more PVE aspects and a higher player count on servers than people will spread out more but that will eliminate a huge aspect of the game which is encounters. It’s really a hit or miss and at this point it’s a waiting game on base building and whatever else will come. Some of these things could even be added when they add mod support. Also the, “Hackers would maybe not deem it too necessary to go on a server or system that is not beneficial too them as there is nothing to gain by their cheats” bit doesn’t make much sense. I feel like most hackers just go around killing everybody to have fun regardless of what they have. Also, “after you survived 1-3 days collecting your rare valuables” That is going to happen no matter what you do.. If it’s so valuable go stash it in a barrel, ammo box, or protector case. You can not avoid others playing the game as they wish and you can not just avoid all confrontation. The whole idea of this game is your story. So just learn to kill the ones that want to kill you and go off and do your own thing.. It’s an alright idea but I feel like it kills the game and it can be resolved with more PVE content and a higher player cap. Anyways, the PVP is what draws many to this game. More love the PVP than the PVE so keeping them merged together is probably the best bet for now.

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    I only PvP,U (player v player, ultimate) anyway so I would like to see this one.
    I know this is a survival game with infected.
    I could give a shit about gathering and dyeing stuff or fishing with worms.
    Worms never buy beer and the are shit conversationalists. (Well I thought it was funny)
    The whiners have to survive against me as well as the environment.
    And once you hunt humans, well, you know the rest.

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    @Wartyfruitcake. I know i may not make sense at some places. I stated somewhere I am not english, so getting the words right is a bit difficult
    I put a lot of emphasis on Mature gameplay. This game is I don’t think meant for 10 year olds or little irritant kiddies. Some how these little brats are in almost all confrotational situations and they FUCK THE GAME UP.
    I can fight and kill, been there, doing. that, but I proposed this as an idea where the kiddies can maybe go play with you then and the men can enjoy good sportsmanship. I recently joined an rp server, huge whitelist setup and it been my best experience yet, because little kiddies and immature douches are not allowed. The only thing is I struggle a bit with roleplay. So more public servers could be hosted for mature thinkers.

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    don’t get the cart before the horse ,wait to see how the game is when it’s finished , it will not be the same as it is now .
    With the mods that will be made for the game what you want may come true just not the way you are talking about now .

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    I’m more into PvE, and rarely PvP.

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    Totally forgot to mention this fact. Players all over dupe the shit out of the game, so by making weapons more available on a PvP type server would cut their (dupers) will to do so too