This is a suggestion only! Please be open minded when looking at it.

Is there a possibility to not remove the STATUS information added to experimental.

I say this as it turns out to be very helpful in learning how a characters body performs in game and how to react to getting the problems obtained fixed! I am using this to learn now when for example does freezing set in and how well does ones blood regenerate. I never knew you had to be full blood to start regenerating health or that health indicator really just appears when you reach 5000.

I made some suggestions as to where to move it or add into your inventory system. I added your position coordinates firmly under the feet indicating where you are situated at that moment.
Would be good to pop in inventory every now and then to know exactly where you are on the map

The other reason to please keep this in is because not everyone plays experimental and many in fact would not have any idea of how their characters behave and when to really try harder to save them. I once lost 3280 health points whilst being Hypodermic. I saved my ass by the skin of my teeth and had it not been for the STATUS info I would surely be dead and have lost my valuables.
Many other survivors could be saved by this and learn along the way!


  • For those who say that it breaks realism, then I suppose you play only in first person servers, because 3rd person view breaks realism too. I suggest not to show all that info in 1P servers, and leave it in 3P servers.

    P.S. Really looking for patches being release more often. More busy people hopes for less bugs, and more pace+action (more players, actually usable vehicles, more pve).

    It must turn out to be great. Not ultimate exact reality simulation, in which I don’t see much entertainment.

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    thats actually a really good idea.

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    This HUD is only for the experimental version for bug report ect …. !

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    In survival a person knows that they are GETTING cold by not wearing more than a t-shirt on a cold day (their skin FEELS cold). But there is no thermometer by feel or sight in the game to determine this. I like the idea of having the readout but not sure if I agree with his idea on where to locate them.

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    This ruins the idea of survival really, this game aims to be realistic, not H1Z1 and HUD everywhere.

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      Yes it does aim to be realistic, o should they put in some shaving cream and a shaver too for your beard grows too long. I am just a little sarcastic sorry, but it is still a game. I am no WOBO or other popular streamer who play test things for DayZ. I do however still play a lot of it to notice things, things that turn out to be valuable and I must say this, DayZ has a tremendous learning curve.
      If they do not put this in and they go with your thought then they can just as well remove the messages bottom left that pops up ever so constantly and irritatingly.
      I have now used both bottom left status messages and the STATUS indicator and they do evenly match up. “I am rapidly warming up” for 10’s of messages irritatingly repeating itself, yet my character on the STATUS displays body temp of 37.01°. It gives me no indication of what you really are. They are just annoyingly in the way when you come across a beautiful picture you really want to capture but can not because it reads like this

      I am freezing
      I am freezing
      I am freezing
      I am freezing

      so you end up taking a snap with that shit wording collected along the way

      My reasoning is to remove that from the HUD, give us better info in the inventory section displaying our true temperature or example. If it is that off yellow mustard color and the temp reads 35,4 degrees you better know that you gotta do shit to get fixed
      The only things left needed in the HUD are server admin messages and important stuff.
      My third picture actually gives some style to the game as well.

      It was just an idea and I really wish it was placed in a more mainstream spot on this site so more people could take a look at it and comment so we could see to what side the pendulum swings. In 24 hours only 2 people noticed this, but pvp videos on 61 get the views and likes. I feel these things are more important in a way for now