Brandyn Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

A few days ago a new driver came out from NVIDIA for my GTX 970, since then I have been unable to play or even start the game, instead I’ve been greeted by the Application Error message: “The exception illegal instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction, (0x000001d) occured in the application at location 0x000000006E34DB41.” I gave up on DayZ after a couple of hours of uninstalling and reinstalling the game, deleting launch option and basically trying anything that my buddies recommended. After failing to launch DayZ I decided to play ARMA 3 since they are both Bohemia Interactive game and therefore they feel very similar but once I launched it through the launch menu I was greeted by the same error message. (Side Note: I feel it might have something to do with BattleEye as I’ve been able to play CS:GO). Does Anyone know how I can Fix this? DayZ is my favorite game and I just want to play it ;c

PC Specs:

-i5 4690k

-GTX 970

-750w PSU

-8GB DDR3 ram