I do not know if there is a spot somewhere that does this, explaining what changes are done with each iteration. I have never come across them if they exist.

I ask purely because I would really want to know what was their attempt to fix or add with each release. I am posting this as of 0.61 patch #11 which was only 10mb in size. It tells me it was maybe just a quick security setting or maybe hopefully a fix to an existing annoying problem, but what problem or addition? Can we not be informed each time, even a day after about what they attempt to get done by that certain patch release?

If they just say some items were added, go hunt them survivors, then great, hooray new things! but if they say they attempted to fix an attempt to not let your character die while running up or down stairs then those who want can help them by going and running up and down stairs till their fingers are numb. I am just so curious as to what each patch release is and I bet many others are.

If there is a spot on the internet eplaing this then please let me know too