To any DayZ playing Russian friends out there. Does this mean anything specific. I have taken the words on the little green notice board and directly translated it to the words in the Title description. I am not even sure this is correct, but hey, I tried.
I can only find something about Russian forestry on the internet.
Must confess this is super difficult and I am from the Southern tip of Africa and this is so Greek (Russian actually) to me.

Where I have found this and why the Russian forestry link holds meaning is because I think this must be the tallest tree in the game. It is found in Stary Yar right next to the grave yard and it is huge, Stump size and Height wise it stands out in a really massive way.
I have found another such tree but it is buried into the ground and the top part is well within touch reach with another Placard/ Monumental notice board with the exact same words. A
Are these secretively Easter eggs to be noticed or just an in game foofy!