We, [PA] Gaming, would like extend a warm invitation to YOU, players of Dayz.

We are a large group of mature experienced players with ambition and drive to produce and deliver thee best server and experience for the community that DayZ has to offer. We have been working together side by side for over a year. Each individual as either an Administrator or Server owner, combining our efforts, knowledge and real life skills Into our gaming community – [PA] Post-Apocalypse Gaming – to bring YOU a place and environment that is unique and vastly superior to all other gaming servers or communities.

We are offering YOU, realism, immersion and consequence on a level never seen before..

Our Private 60 slot server is run on specific fundamental rules that set us apart from everybody else. And we use our custom made map to support this. Our Rules of engagement, Our Unique Trading Stockmarket, ALL of our Server Information and Kill on Sight / Interaction Zones Can be found here.

PAC Stockmarket and Trading
LOG IN TO YOUR UNIQUE IN-GAME TRADING ACCOUNT. Here the low down can be determined from what’s hot, and what’s not! Check out our Market with real time updates regarding Supply and Demand and price fluctuation. Are you tired of the endless loot hunt? – NOT ANY MORE – Earn your items through selling and trading and using your IN-GAME CURRENCY, Unique to our server, to straight out BUY your items from our Trading Outpost Server Accounts!

All items are traded using PAC’s – “Post-Apocalyptic Credits” No actual money will change of hand.






Forum – http://www.padayz.enjin.com/home

Teamspeak – Paclan.Online