Azsouth Fresh Spawn 3 years ago


I’m new to these forum but have been waiting for a DayZ stand alone since the first version for Arma II was released. I decided to come here and make the suggestion that the dev team take, what I would consider the base game, from Arma II and make it as the stand-alone. The game already had a nice balance of food, weapon, and vehicle spawns and you weren’t immediately getting hungry, thirsty, or cold within a minute of joining the game, also it was clear what the best stuff in the game was to try and find as well as the tool belt that wouldn’t take up space in your bags for something like a compass. I would suggest adding everything else (like all the flavor cloths), build-able stuff, etc… as DLC’s later on.

I miss the old game where antibiotics and sprite cans where rare and personally feel like when I load up the DayZ standalone that I bought on my steam account that the game feels clunky and has regressed as many of the things that used to be plentiful are no longer around (like when I go into a hospital and find 20,000 antibiotics and no blood bags). Still looking forward to this game and hope this suggestion is favorable and not just dismissed (I’m not looking to undermine what has been done I just feel like the Arma II version of DayZ was a more complete game).




  • Yes, the arma2 mod was stable and everything worked but im sure the devs did their best as they combined the engine of arma 3 with resources like the map of arma2…
    Don’t get me wrong, the mod was great but i can’t imagine the devs starting from zero again…

    We probabbly have to whait till mod-sopport to see a arma2-dayz-like game