Well here goes. I was playing on a server called xp mob. Ran around with another guy or 2 sharing the server when my character got stuck and i was sliding around unable to turn or do anything. stayed in that state for around 10 minutes, so I Ctrl Alt Del and then after struggling to get back into DayZ I am unable to join that server again It goes only to the green outlook over Zelenogorsk and stays stuck on “Joining game” My only way out then is to ctrl alt del repeat etc.

My friend went then after my mishap to Bambiland where exactly the same happened to him and now he is unable to join Bambiland again.

Does anyone else have this problem or come across someone with this headache. Please help with a fix. I did verifying and every simple fix I could.


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    Hi, did you try to join another server, then come back ?

    Or at the mainscreen, go to configure -> video, change something then undo, then try to join the server again… it worked for a similar problem a friend had.

  • I had this last night on an HIHB server. Had to leave for a fire call, and left my guy in game. He timed out and my computer went into sleep mode. When I got back I was unable to login to the US server I was on. Same thing, stuck on that picture with joining game message at 165 frames… I was able to get on other servers of the same hive , EU and AUS. Google said you will need to wait for server reset to get back on. Today after reset I was able to log on to the US server fine, but now I can not log onto the EU server, same problem. Hopefully a reset fixes that too