With the 0.62 experimental update out, the night is much scarier than any patch before. The sound of the wind blowing on the leafs of trees and the crickets muffling the distant chat of nocturnal creatures it gives a truly unique experience to the nightlife in the game, very good job developers.

On 0.61 the dev team fixed the lighting inside buildings, but I rarely see gloomy houses after the hype of the update. That being said, I think it’s time to put a default and only brightness setting so that flashlights / lanterns / flares / any source of light really have a useful purpouse because right now the only time I see any kind of light is from a bambi running around with a flare.

Forcing people to use light at night would change gameplay totally in my opinion, from stealth to aspect visual, but running around with a lantern or a flashlight while you have your arms raised as if you were gonna throw some punches is a bit akward in my opinion (I know there will be animation changes on 0.63, just a reminder). Would be really cool to be able to hang lanterns on certain places or even carry it aside of a backpack for night travels. Also attaching a flashlight to a firearm with duct tape would be an useful feature.

Here are a few personal suggestions / ideas:





Thanks for taking the time to read my post, just few ideas, up to read what you peeps think!