NuggetDayZ Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

Hi all, just started playing DayZ, just wondered about server etiquette.

I have been playing on a Pipsi private server and have only last a few hours sometimes minutes due to being killed on sight even after i have said i am friendly and learning, what gives with rules and what to do and what not to do?



  • Yeah, i know what you mean, best things is trying to talk to them behind cover and wait for reactions… If he don’t respond you better be careful
    But i promise you will also make good experience with friendly player

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    I think you should try to talk to people anyway, the chance of meeting a friendly is so much higher. And as Chris says, DayZ really shines when you play with other people.

    If you are a fresh spawn you dont loose much, if killed.

    Dont run around with a weapon i your hands, it does not seem friendly.

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    The last time I played DayZ I met 7 people. 6 of them was friendly and the last one was a damn troll.
    Most of them was two friends and they was mostly armed.
    In 700 hours on DayZ I would say that more than half of the players that I met was friendly.

    But I am careful, I mostly don’t play on high pop servers, I don’t play on PvP servers (if noticable in the server’s name).
    When I go talk to people take contact under a visual cover or I show myself and wave from a good distance and I never show a weapon in my hands.

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      What servers do you play? I mostly play PVE, but sometimes PVP. I think I have seen you before in one of the PVE servers. The guy spoke French. But I know there are many players who speak French, I’m just curious if my assumption is right.

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      Depends on what servers you play and your style.

      – If you like PVP then as a new player have to be careful and don’t trust any player until they really earn your trust.

      – Communicate with them from the distance and cover. Don’t hide behind wooden or thin metal fences. Bullets go through them.

      – High Pop Public servers are ClusterF*** KOS Grounds. Private servers are usually better.

      – Don’t fall into tricks like “Let me check your pulse” or “Here I dropped food for you” or “Bandage Me Please” etc. They will kill you.

      – In Short: Keep Safe Distance and Stay in Good Cover. If all Fails, RUN away! If you wanna practice Fighting then Fight Back and Fight to the Death. I usually run away or fight to death.

      And many more, but if you have specific questions, you’re welcome to ask.

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    Well, if you are new, let me teach you a few rules.
    – Generally, don’t talk to people.
    – Never trust anyone unless you know them IRL.
    – Don’t talk to people.
    – If you want to talk to people, do it behind cover and never show yourself.

    Welcome to DayZ..