So, i saw this video made by Wobo and if untill now i could not wait for 0.61, now i wish it never comes.

The new sounds are awfull, they sound in worst case like paintball guns, i just can`t get my head arround it and i really hope that this sounds are not for real, otherwise more people will abandon the game.

And maybe we will come back in 20 years when the game comes out from Alfa stage.


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    Yeah, they sound like absolute garbage.
    They need more punch. More bang.

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    I’m not sure why you didn’t directly comment the video?

    Well, the problem is that WOBO’s new video don’t include additional effects like echo/reverb, it’s just pure direct input. After testing the 0.61 exp, the sounds were definitely faaar better.

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    Videos don’t really make it realistic, the whole point of the sounds are based on where you are in relation to the gun and how *far*. If you’re behind the gun firing it’s a numb vague thump, very loud. If you’re in front (near it on the other side) it will sound more distinct. Based on the distance it’ll feel more echoey or bassy, etc. It’s realistic weapon sounds.

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    Nevertheless i also think they need more ‘bang’. If someone were in shooting range, or just near it, he can confirm that shots heard from like half of kilometer are just as loud as those new ‘sounds’. Shot from a Mosin for example, is so loud that it can make your bowels vibrate even if you just stand near it. The man shooting quite frankly doesnt feel that much vibrations, or maybe my body is weird so that i dont feel it when shooting moist nugget. Or it might just be adrenaline.

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    They aren’t that bad like in the video. A lot more reverb and echo ingame. Besides, they don’t bother me that much anyway.

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    They defiantly sound better in the game itself, trust me. Case in point: I was on an experimental server, and I heard gunshots from about a mile away and went toward them. They led me to a military base, and as I got closer, I was better able to pinpoint where they were coming from, and what type of gun it was.
    I thought it was so awesome, and after I eventually died in a firefight, I quickly went to go watch my shadow play recorded of it… And was disappointed when I could barely hear the shots.

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    The sounds of most guns are not bad but some of the SMG’s sounds like i’m hitting my dryer really fast.