uDARE |Custom Military Bases|Airdrops|Weed Dealer|Lootx3|Black Market|Traders

Features Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5OytvguJJs&feature=youtu.be
Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/SsvVrQb

– Server Events run by our community Admins & Support Team
– Four Traders – Green Mountain, Kumyrna, Skalisty and Camp uDARE (one none safe zone)
– Custom Black Market Trader @ Skalisty Island
– Custom Black Market Trader @ Camp uDARE (not a safe zone)
– Custom Drug Dealer @ Skalisty Island and Camp uDARE
– Custom ‘Ship Wreck’ bridge to Skalisty Island
– Custom Militarised Zone @ North East Airfield
– Custom Prison Island Bridge
– Custom Military Tents @ Prison Island
– Increased Crash Sites and Loot
– Greater rewards for Hunting and Farming
– Experienced admins on call to help and support