sineplex88 Fresh Spawn 4 weeks ago

Good morning to you all,

With a bunch of friends we recently opened a server at the output of the new map Livonia we invite you all to come.

The server is stable, no rollback freeze or lag, vehicles do not depop, do not fly or fall under the map, it has 60 slots and we have put several very interesting mods like this if below and several others:

– Livonia map
– No stam
– No admin tool
– Trader
– Humanity (hero / bandit)
– Basebuilding+
– Vehicles+
– Clothing+
– Aidrop

TRADER: We have a dynamic trader to create a real economy and exchange on the server, I explain, you can buy from the traders ONLY what other players resell except some basic building plus items that are available but very expensive, you can also find Land Rover but they are also expensive you will need some time to pay for one the entire area is fully realized by our super mapper

The server is PVP/RP-oriented and it’s at the player’s discretion so for those who get shot while they wanted to do rp, I remind you that you are on DAYZ and that some players have no scruples and we do not aim to tame players, we use admin tools only in case of proven cheat (for ban) so no give from the admins in case of a bug and so much the better, no ABUSE OF GIVE to favour this or that faction of players,
HOWEVER our community is based on MUTUAL ASSISTANCE, a car problem? go discord and look for help via other players and admins are really LISTENING.

Admins are just there to frame the community and the development of the server.

The discord has several channels including “settling accounts” for haters:-)))
If you arrive as a group you can request a private channel a color will be assigned to you and your faction members,

good after the rules are simple, no cheat or ban, no off map and the actions you do especially for raid a base must remain realistic, Anyone who stacks car doors or boards to go over a wall will be banished.

Or those who want to stay pecan and build a base know that the raid schedules are from 20H to MINIUT and that you can sleep quietly without wondering if when you wake up your stuff will still be there!!

On our server YOU CAN BUILD ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE, A you to see if you want to build in a military base for the benefits that it can bring but also certainly make you raid quite quickly or in a detached house and difficult to access but quiet in the countryside!!!

here it is, hoping to see you soon IG on
[EN] PVP/RP | Walking Dead | Car+ | Trader |

[FR] PVP/RP | Walking Dead | Car+ | Trader | Airdrop