Hi! Im hendrik from Estonia and i wanted to suggest a motorcycle in to dayz standalone. Its a russian IZ 56. One cylinder three speed civillian motorcycle. there are two versions of this iz 56 , one without a side cart and one with a side cart. i personaly think that the side cart can be removed using a combination wrench like in real life and can be attached to a motorcycle without a side cart. the max speed is 120 kmh but that brakes your ear drums when u do that so it should be more silet than in real life. Why i want this motorcycle in to this game you may ask? Well it becouse i now own the same motorcycle that i got from my father.

He drove th motorcycle with my mother when they where young and went on long rides in the woods with it. My father tryed to renovate the motocycle when i wasnt eaven born yet and it was left there becouse my father was a busy man. Now its in a shack in the country side wateing when i will get my hands dirty and fix it up. My father is now dead for three years and i have started thinking on the motorcycle for a long time now and wish to renovate it in the future to honor him. Ill fix itwhen i pass my exams this june.

My father named the motorcycle the blue seagol becouse it was light blue like the sea and loud like a anoying seagol. i wish that i can enjoy this vehicle in this game ad with my friends. So please consider adding this machine and ill ride it all the time. Please send me feedback of what you think and ill leave some pictures to give you an idea what some should look like. Keep your gun close but your friends closer.

Good day!