Q: Any plans for fixing sticks or arrows in the road that totally wreck vehicles?

Hicks: Disabling the physical sim on those objects is definitely going to happen, but more than likely not for .61. Sorry!

Q: Can we expect some changes to the loot tables? Mainly weapons spawning again at heli crash sites.

Hicks: While there will be changes to the economy (which can happen in a matter of seconds, without an update to Steam being required) – don’t expect weapons on heli crashes for .61. Support for limiting item types per event just isn’t there yet, and we don’t want to have heli crashes full of SVDs. All the weapons that would spawn on them, do however spawn normally in military structures.

Q: Will the amount of players entering an area or town effect the number of infected that spawn there? (If go in alone versus with a group of four will the number of spawned infected be increased per player)?

Hicks: Initially we wanted each player to add to the count, but the more we looked into it – the meta game potential was so high, and the chance for abuse was also pretty high. Right now it looks like we’ll stick with each area having their own min/max – regardless of player count.

Q: regarding the new predator ai, wolves. Are they also spawned using the per player dynamic spawns? or will they actively hunt deer on their own out in the fields where there are no players? If the latter, will wolf killed deer remain so we can recover their resources or will they despawn quickly? and lastly, are you planning on implementing any sign for wolves and deer in the future so we can track them (footprints, scratches, tracks, carcasses, that sort of thing)?

Hicks: Predators are not player spawn triggered right now, they operate in specific areas much like deer, etc. I’ll ask the programmers responsible for their behavior for more specifics ala hunting deer and such.

Q: With all the different clients internet speeds, types of connections and pings, will it really ever be possible to “fix” sync/desync in DayZ SA?

Hicks: Well, we’re currently fighting some issues with collision detection, and poor internet speeds – however that said.. I’ve not seen a single example of actual desynchronization in the current build. No breaking your legs climbing stairs, that sort of stuff. Player position is actually where the player is – and not where he thinks he is, vs where the server says he is.

Source: Forum – Thanks to /u/panix199