ShauntriC Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Mature and Professional Players! You can now join a server which has factions depending on band color.  A server where you can make movies and and stream to get a genuine realistic feel. Join our steam group The Survivalist\’s Pub (T$Pub) and apply for whitelisting!  Only hardcore RPers are allowed.  Server rules will be in effect.  ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE TIRED OF SHIT PLAYERS AND FAULTY EXPERIENCES.  This server will change how you game, SLOW PACED people wanted.  Hardcore BANDIT FACTIONS can apply!  Bring your clan in here and create your own faction.  The community is where you can post your territory so others can meet or destroy you.  BANDS are EVERYTHING to distinguish your faction.  Heroes, Bandits, RPers like Firefighters or Zombie killers are wanted!  STREAMERS ARE WHITELISTED. DAYZ TV MOVIE MAKERS ARE WHITELISTED!  We want to be the server you can have a realistic experience on.

Click Here to view our Steam Page and APPLY!   —