So far my experience has been mixed. I have a group of 5 people that play it together. At first I was kind of lost like all those new to the game. I never played the PC version, which I am now regretting due to the fact I love this game and am addicted to the scaled back version on the Xbox. The inventory is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it it’s manageable. I have had a chance to get my hands on an SVD in the game but was killed in Staroye. That is one sweet weapon. The PVP is intense and the survival aspect is very addicting. There still are some server issues but it is getting better.¬†Occasional glitches make the game do some strange things. I can’t wait until the updates start coming. Overall I am very satisfied with the game.¬† I would love to hear your take and experiences on the game.



  • Its a great game. Even in its bare bones state I cant get enough of it. I got 3 days out of exploring the coastal towns alone. Theres a group of 3 of us now. Might have just recruited a 4th. Plan is now to push deeper in land to hit the airstrip but we will take our time. iZurvive is a great app. A map you can mark waypoints on so everybody knows where the rest of the team will spawn so we can regroup quicker. Our plan is to learn the map, learn the combat, learn the resource management so when the game fully releases we will be top of the food chain. Its gonna be fun