I think the musket would be a nice weapon to add in Dayz. I think it should be added to the game and only spawn in castles, and historic places. The musket would be a nice weapon for base building and base defense to start off with when you build your base, when that feature is added. Tell me what you guys think, if the community likes this suggestion hopefully the devs could add it. Also along with this if character survives musket shot they also should add lead infection.


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    Musket is a really rare thing and a pain in the ass to reload. I think they should add pipe weapons that we can craft using workbenches. Ammo for that could be crafted by melting down metal stuff with the fireplace and using powder from damaged cartridges.

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    Well, you do have to wonder how many of these things would still be around to dictate whether or not they’d be worth putting in a game (especially one set in the 21st century). Although an interesting suggestion, I don’t think I’d like to see this in game. Perhaps in a mod set in the times when muskets were around, then it would be preferable to see this – along with the blunderbuss.

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    They’re noisy.
    Ammo is EXTREMELY rare.
    They take ages to reload.
    They’re inaccurate.
    And they’re rarer than any of the better choices like AKs and hunting rifles.

    Why bother?