Is anyone else experiencing a massive dip in FPS since the last couple of Experimental updates and also the build currently on stable? I just built a brand new PC for playing mainly DayZ last weekend and after a few hours of initial play testing I was having no trouble running the game with every setting as high as it could go at 50fps. Now I jumped into experimental the day after and there was a new build out and once I downloaded it and joined a server I noticed my frames had dropped drastically from 50 to about 20 and below. I turned down a few settings to normal and lowish and it made maybe a 2-3 frame difference. A week later I’m here about an hour ago playing the stable build and my frames are on 14 on the lowest possible settings. So now I’m incredibly frustrated as I paid a good amount of money for a good build to run DayZ and DayZ isn’t delivering?

Is this just an issue with the latest builds or am I the only one having this issue?

PC Specs if they help:
– i7 6700
– GTX 1060 6Gb
– 8Gb DDR4 RAM