Lord Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Where spawn the m4 and aug? Every helichash not spawn any weapons. No nato heli heli and Soviets


  • Hi there.
    The heli crashsites don’t spawn wheapons since the 0.61 update. You can find them literally in every military compound. for example, we found a svd in the bunker of the new commando building near the statue in the new tisy military base. The new radarstation in tisy is also a good place to take a look, we found a vss in the operators room. Found my beloved AUG in the containers at the veresnik military base. Good luck and stay alive.

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    Where i can found m4- aug- svd-vss? I tried with nato and soviet helicrash but i didn’t found any kind o weapon, same thing with military bases.

  • All the loot is in Tisy. There’s very little to be found elsewhere. My recommendation is to find your M4’s and AUG’s in .62 and just accept whatever you can until then.

    Otherwise you will be trekking for 2 hours each time you wanna get a gun, with no cars and no loot anywhere else in the map I wouldn’t be that bothered about your favourite guns atm.

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    I haven’t see a M4 in a long time now. I dont know maybe its already been looted (military camps and so on) then i play DayZ, but few days ago i found AUG in NWAF tents.