Leclair Fresh Spawn 4 months ago

We are Last Stand Survival and we invite you to join us on PS4 in Livonia, Chernarus or both for 3 quality servers offering both first Person (1p) or 3rd person (3p) as well as PVP and role playing experiences. All servers are password protected and rules enforced by active and receptive staff that listen to the player base. LSS is a cheat-free environment bringing new life to a game plagued by duping. Factions are available on all servers with the role playing server focused mainly on Factions, raids and scenarios with a role playing element.

The servers are divided into 3 currently to accommodate all styles of game play:

(3p) Chernarus PVP [Ps4]

(1p) Livonia PVP [Ps4]

(1p) Chernarus Role Playing [Ps4]

To join us please click the link https://lssdayz.com/ or join us in the discord https://lssdayz.com/discord



KOS is permitted outside of the 2 safezones Altar and green mountain to create a positive safe environment for players wishing to trade and do business and take a break from the combat action. Join a faction and sit in your base protected from unfair raiding! At Lss it is about a fair experience for everyone.

See you in Chernarus Survivor