dim Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

when server reset and logging back in have lost all gear and attachments .nothing on but the tightie whities.first time had extra pack in hand all gear in pack was there but pack on back was gone. gun on back was stripped  . i imagine if this keeps happening alot people will put this game down for awhile .love the game and have owned it since 2013


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    This has happened to me twice now and happened to a few people who I play with. I’d also like to know if theres a way to prevent this. It’s not due to logging back on to quickly as I waited at least a minuet to log back on the SECOND time it happened to me. Some guns remain with attachments and some without which is also strange, it doesnt depend on the gun either as we both had M4’s, mine with all of the attachments and my friends without any at all.