mmaaxx123 Bush Wookie 4 years ago

I think they should add a penalty for KOSing. I think maybe a insane meter or something like that


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    As the game stands today, this is a pvp game set in an open world. What mechanics in the game supports befriending random people you meet on servers? None. It’s easy to survive. There is plenty of food to go around, zombies are a joke (bothersome at best, just run away from them) and worst of all; there is nothing else to do. It is naive from the devs point of view to think that this game will have deep player driven stories and deeper meaningful gameplay without systems to back up why you should not KOS. And I am not talking penalties. The game needs challenges, and the only challenge today is finding other ppl and killing them. And for the RPers out there; yes if everyone was like you, they wouldn’t need systems, but only 1% of ppl RP.

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    There already is one its called karma. Someone will hear the gun shots or witness it and come and avenge you. I mean if i were to kill someone in my defence a random hero would come and get me.

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      what if someone does see it or hear it

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        If nobody is around to see or hear then I guess you’re out of luck and that’s what it would be like, there isn’t any justice like that in this game even with an ‘insane meter’ and that’s what makes it good. If somebody tries to KOS you when you would’ve been friendly then they’ve missed out and made you an enemy. Just hope they miss the first shot and give away their position so you can get away or put a machete in them. The game will get more accommodating for friendly/hero/ally type play but also surely more rewarding for bandits.