Hello. So 2 days before last maintenance i had found svd and m4a1 in other survivors base, they were stupid enough to make tent spam on roof of building besides cherno Kolkoz building(the highest one) It had like 5 small tents and about 6 barrels on roof. Doesn’t matter, right. The point is, as svd didnt have magazine, i refused to use it until i find one, so i put it in my big military tent by replacing it with cr527 bolt action rifle modded with hunting scope without mag. i didnt ever log in until maintenance, because MLG Columbus is taking place right now. My friend took out shitload of magazines and bullets out  of tent. So we yesterday log back in to play worlds best marathon simulator once again. First thing we notice is – m4a1 has dissapeared from my friends back, svd has been gone missing, instead of it there stays my cr527 bolt action rifle, but the interesting part is, i have one on my back also. It has been duped, just like everything ammunition of my friends.More correctly it didnt dupe, but roll back, because i had offroad wheel put in barrel and i took it out and put small tent in there. It had offroad wheel again.

So my question is, has anyone else experienced this phenomenom? I heard something about weapons dissapearing because they are duplicates. I highly admire that they are wiping every item that has gotten duped. But that doesn’t explain how ammunition duped, because i highly believe they were server’s legit items.


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    Hmmm… At first I would say the M4A1 & the SVD you found were duped. Devs often do database cleanup during maintenance and clear all duped gear.

    Now for the offroad wheel, it’s weird, maybe someone with car found your camp and moved/put wheel into it? BTW, have you checked the base where you first found the M4 & SVD since then?

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      That doesn’t matter about offroad wheel. The fact is that i threw wheel out to free space for tent. After maintenance, wheel is back, tent is gone, bullets in big military tent are there with cr527 , i also have one on my back. That means 2 guns instead of one, instead of 6 stacks winchester ammo, we have now 12. Instead of 7 crashsite smokegrenades we have 14, instead of 2 m67 high explosive grenades, we now have 4. And next thing im gonna do today after job is go to cherno and see if those people still live there, because i looted them after killing them. The funny part about the battle between me and that dude with base on rooftop is – i got mp5 and sprayed 30 bullets while he was eating from point blank range, litteraly i was in his face. He didnt fall down until he stopped eating, right? And then i checked his pulse, “steady” i was like “what in the hell, yo? I just put 223.5 grams load right into his face, he still able to breathe? ” Well as it was my only magazine and ammo, i took his own vss vintorez and shot him in his miserable face once again. Atleast then he died.

      Back to topic – every item we took out of storage that day, has been duped by the maintenance. 😀