I get it. Work on the engine really takes a lot of time. However, updating the game once in almost five months is a little ridiculous.
I really have to wonder, why the development takes so much time, knowing how many people work on it at the moment. Do you have any ideas, guys?


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    Why do people say that development of dayz is taking too long! People are only complaining because the development of the game is in OPEN alpha – usually a games’ development would not be open during the alpha phase and hence no would complain due to the simple reason is they are not participating in playing the game and helping its development. In real terms, on average the alpha stage of a games development will be in excess of 2 years up to around 5 years prior to going into beta. A lot of other large titles were in development for well over 2 years in their Alpha stages but no one complained about those…WHY? Because they were closed alpha’s so the public did not get to play the game at that stage. People stop the complaining because you got another year to 18 months before this game is anywhere NEAR the finished product. I foresee this game wont be in a complete state for 2 years. Dont like the thought of that? Go back to playing minecraft if ya cant hang around that long.

    • Except, if you look at the progress from when it was released in 2013 (which would have had atleast a year and a half + prior development) to now, almost 2017- that’s almost 4 years of absolutely nothing. They really have not done anything. They’ve added cosmetics… that’s great and all, but whether we have 1 t shirt or 100 t shirts.. it won’t make the game anymore enjoyable. They’ve fixed a few bugs, but also created more, some bugs still make the game unplayable to this day (like loot not spawning), (zombies going all over the place), (can’t vault), (getting stuck on the ground), added a non existent vehicle that needs way too many variables to get up and running. Almost everything else is the exact same as it was when it was first released.. in 4+ years. They are months behind deadlines, and at this stage, we won’t see a beta until 2022.

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    Well I’m pretty sure that the Renderer itself is actually completed (reference the last status report) But the development team are currently trying to clean up some other bugs and faults. For example the low spawn count of items in the Loot Economy, player sync and inventory issues. But i’m sure 0.60 is just around the corner (Hopefully next week)
    But yes, for a game like DayZ it would most definitely be an outstretched development time. Which may be annoying, but at least they haven’t abandoned the game.

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    Because Bohemia uses old technology such as the Real Virtuality 3 and future Enfusion. These technologies will become obsolete when the game will be released in beta. I do not understand why not use UnrealEngine or CryEngine? Since then, we have a bunch of problems and bugs that do not resolved such as character animation (running standing or sitting).

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    As has been said MANY bloody times before…the entire objective of a games alpha development stage is to ADD features to a game…the REAL bug fixing begins when beta starts…guess what…you got a good while before beta comes along and, also, LOTS more features will be added whilst ALPHA is ongoing and not a lot of bug fixing. The only bug fixing you are seeing at present are major bugs that are game breakers and could become an even bigger problem further along the development path. Suck it up and be patient… as history mentions – “it took 7 days to create the earth and heavens”….perfection does not come in an instant!

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    they are ttempting to create a game everyone has dreamed of but has always been imposible to do due to scale of size and rendering issues and hopefully when its completed the time taken and work done will be reflected in the final peice. remember we are all playing an Alpha game and its as good and of high visual quality as many finished games. yeah theres bugs but its still an awesome game pre 1.0!!!!

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    May be because update 0.60 will only bring renderer and new UI. As far as I know they only have like 3 guys for writing the Engine. All the others are probably working on content for future updates

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    I think when the new renderer hits stable we will see a steady flow of updates! Maybe once a month!

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    The game should’ve been in beta a long time ago.