linqlonq Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

Few months back when I used to grind DayZ everyday with my potatocomputer I played with a veeeeeeeery low resolution to push my fps up to 30, is it not possible to do this anymore?


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    my PC is currently being used as a server so I’ve been stuck to my laptop for a few months. The left corner LCD is cracked so I had to set my overall resolution to 4:3 in order to see everything on my screen.

    What I’m saying is you need to set your overall screen resolution in your OS to something other than HD, this will allow you to play at lower resolutions. Or easier, just set your overall res to the res you want to play in; it’s a pain to switch but you can set scripts up to do it. DayZ probably just doesn’t downscale anymore, for whatever reason I don’t know.