I\’m not even sure how different the game will even be. I know there are some renderer changes and couple zombie animations but. Is it really going to be any different than .59? Are they adding anything that will make players return to the game? The community seems to be shrinking every week.


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    Well most of the times i have heard people say “fps sucks” etc. So i am assuming this will give them hope that it will be worth at the end. If not then they can wait longer, cause developers are most likely going to update it until game is ready. Which means there will be much more to it like : more weapons, vehicles, military base, animations and most important of them all a beard.
    But really what have you got to lose? Who doesn’t like it at its current point can wait until its better! (assuming it gets better)
    Its just my opinion of it.

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    the more time is put into this patch (and the game in general), the better the end result is. Gaming history is littered with half finished products, so while we wait we can play other games, like BF4 or Minecraft…..Some people seem to forget that other games even exist, simply railing against people who are gonna take as long as it takes to make an awesome game.