Guys, I dont know if devs read this, but I have great idea about visualisation of new acess to the inventory without ability to move. When you access it, an animation is played, where character puts backpack down and starts to rummage in it. When your actions with the inventory are done, he just puts it on. Great example is Last of us access to backpack


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    Thats a good idea, however, what if I want something from my chest rig or a pocket? Usually when you take something out of your pockets you don,t have too look, because you know where you put it 🙂

  • Arma3 already has a small animation i guess…
    When you are in your inv, your char is moving with his hands on his body…

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    this is the inventory system from the mod, I vote heck no, completely changes the dynamic of the game.

    the changes already announced (must take items to hands to interact) will serve the purpose I think. I’d go this far… an animation takes place while you are in your inventory, your movement in SLOWED but not stopped. That would work for me