Imrob420 Heli Hunter 3 years ago

So i use “Raise Weapon” I wanna Hold Ctrl and to raise weapon and when i release Ctrl i want weapon to go down normal. Not “Toggle raise”. This option is found in infantry weapons  in settings. But when i do this the weapon get stuck and the characther cant run and everything just gets frustrating and makes me mad at point.

It usually takes 1-2 min before he lower arms again and once i raise it again same story is shown over and over. Anyone else faced this or is it only me who reacts? Please fix it for a future patch becuse to me its game breaking and i just wanna rage quit when it happends.


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    While im at it i might aswell bring up how you cant aim up in the air and makes you not be able to shoot people in cranes if your under the crane or other tall buldings.

    This is probably things people and the devs already know but what do i know theres many fixes for the game and its easy to miss. So as a player im just bring it up to remind or have it said

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      The aiming up was changed for some reason a few patches ago. to me it was also a bit unfair as people would camp a house like double red and they have the advantage aiming down the stairwell. would love an explanation as to why they changed it, but who knows, maybe when the new player controller hits things will be different