abzahahri Heli Hunter 3 years ago



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    days 64 we have crashes
    in 32 its ok

  • lol it happens too with the 32x. they don’t use the memory allocation correctly or they not verify if a variable == NULL … these devs are pathetics, at my school if your code segfault (crash) you have ZERO. good job guys, disgusting work.
    3 years to make the standalone look like the mod , and still not as good..3 years to have zombis on the map..3 years and i keep breaking my legs in the ranch stairs for falling from 1 meter…3 years and u still can’t aim correctly with a punch or an axe on a zombi that is not even moving cuz of ridiculous hitbox, 3 years and still can move across the walls, 3 years and still dying of sickness because of walking in 10cm of water.
    I never saw that in my entier life, these developpers are clearly kidding us