LittleOD Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

I get normally in .59 35 fps out of towns. But in .60 its is amazing at first then when i walk around for a little bit i just start lagging so bad that i cant even see what is going on like below 2 fps. I had that everytime i did the .60. Dose anyone know how to fix this?


I have a i5-3450 8GB RAM and a  R9 380


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    Sometimes flushing the cache while in game can resolve this issue.

    Whilst in game Press your “LEFT SHIFT” and “-” key over on the keypad (minus sign)

    then after that type out “F L U S H” (ie press the keys to spell out flush but you wont see the words being typed on screen)

    You should see momentarily “Flush activated” at top of screen…the screen may go all chaotic but after a few seconds or so everything should be back and hopefully your problem should have been resolved.