Okay so as soon as I became hyperthermic, I lit a fire sat there for 2 mins and died. My friend, within 3 mins died near the same area of the exact same cause.  It’s at the North East Airstrip.

Painful. As soon as I became cold I grabbed wood, matches and a log. Found a place 3 mins later to light a fire went instantly hyperthermic and died suddenly.


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    It is a bit over rated,realistically you don’t die of rain when your in a warmer environment.In game it should go accordingly where your character is on the map temperature wise or how well your bundled up for the weather..If your in a warmer part the rain shouldn’t do anything to you but wet your clothing.Unless they plan to balance it out in later updates..I would like to see certain coats or jackets that can warm your character up fast and slow the hypothermia down with enough time to safe your character from dying..

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    I hope this is fixed soon, alternative remove it completely untill its fixed.

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    I mean I was soaked, cold, and sick playing today, can’t light a fire in the rain, but I still managed to survive. I didn’t get hypothermia but it could have been close. I get the issue with the fire not heating you up in time, but the idea is also to manage your character well. If it’s raining, stick it out in a building for 5 mins. I also just wear a dark colored rain coat when i can, you stay warm and you never get wet. problem solved.

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    Remember the statuses messages are sorta bugged too, it’s not just all out statuses not working. I can confirm personally the temperature scale not reflecting your activity. Tri-green and “hot” when me and my friend take off, and it starts raining, you can maintain a sprint (in gorka clothes) throughout the heaviest rain, and never even get close to Cold, as long as you continue moving, you must always be in a sprint.

    At certain points the game ignores your activity, be sure to watch out while running or even sitting by a fire. Even in the heaviest rain/wind, while you’re sprinting, you should always at least see “I am slowly warming up”. As well as by a fire, within 1-2 feet, you should always be seeing “I am rapidly warming up”. A fire WILL ALWAYS cure you of hypothermia barring these glitches.

    It’s very important to pay attention because your time frame for getting warm drops drastically with every tag, Cold/Freezing/Hypothermia, and it’s easy to have it sneak up on you if the game starts ignoring the fact that you’ve been running full pace for the last 3 kilometers.

    Dayz Rule #2 – RELOG IN ORDER TO FIX THIS. If you ever feel that the game is not recognizing your activity or not letting you get warm, RELOG. Even by a raging fire if you’re currently hypothermic. RELOG, and when you get back in, you’ll quickly warm up and hit “freezing” status, and so on.

    Stay warm fellow survivors :),

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    It took me 8 minutes to die once, and another time it felt like I lasted for 20.

    Strongly enough, on one of the =UN= private hive servers, it was raining constantly for literal hours. Thank god I found a raincoat first thing. If the admin can set weather conditions and length, then that’s a pretty brutal trolljob.

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    Well, I re-spawned right after this post, within 5 mins was hyperthermic, lit a fire and died of starvation trying to get warm. LMAO. Good times!

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    dont get wet buddy ! i really like it to find a raincoat und all that stuff so pls dont cry okay ?