Mut389 Heli Hunter 3 years ago

In experimental right now, I was alive for about an hour, then it started raining, and within 20 minutes I was dying of hypothermia. That was with decent clothing. I then respawned and within 10 minutes I was dying of hypothermia…I sure hope this is just a bug or a mistake right now because it’s completely out of hand. My friend in full Gorka took about 27 minutes to get hypothermia. He is now stuck making fire after fire after fire to stay alive because it’s raining…


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    its not that I dont know how the system works, I have over 1400 hours playing, Its just trying to currently survive in a raining server is almost imposible unless you litterly sit in a house with a fire lit if your wet, or if your dry, just sit in a house or someplace to keep dry, Ok maybe not impossible, but it makes the game from DayZ the Zombie survival game, to DayZ, survive the rain storm.,..

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    Yeah I know it is super difficult specially when you log into a rainy server. Got annoyed myself, but i logged into a non rainy one to just get the ball rolling.
    In fairness a rain jacket should now not be found in areas further inland like Kozlovka and Gorka etc as you are dead before you get there. Just like you get mil gear deeper you travel inland so should you get the more realistic coastal type clothing where you start. Fisherman actually just wear waterproof clothing so why are there not more of that on the coast.

  • I had the same problem with my first few lives in Dayz 0.61. I always logged onto raining servers and was gettin hypothermia quite quickly. Particularly during the first hotfixes it sometimes felt like it stopped raining only to start again as soon as you go out.
    I’m not having nearly as many problems now, and I do carry a raincoat with me at all times. It also took a while for me to find out fires don’t heat you up so much as they dry your clothes. Most important is to get dry and find warmer clothes. It would feel better if you could actively combat it (not only with heatpacks), instead of just waiting it out during sunshine. Takes too long to get rid off, too. However, you can get cured again and go on. It’s just more of a hassle than fun and doesn’t feel like you’re doing much at all.

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    its normal go out same time in rl and run in a ranistorm they you got the same shit like in dayz if you are not running with a raincoat buddy 😉

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    You do realize this is a colder climate than .60. .60 takes place in a summer climate, now this is a winter climate. Its gonna be cold

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    I understand that DayZ runs with European time and climate change. Just a few weeks ago we suffered with Hyperthermia (hot) and now Hypothermia (cold).

    What I’ve learned now (use it don’t use it)

    37.10° Hot… Hottest you can get. Get a rain jacket or Gorka. You wont overheat and get hyperthermia this patch BUT you will get thirsty a lot more, but you wont go to Hypothermic state
    35.80° Cold sets in. Kinda get colder quicker from here on in
    34.99° Freezing sets in. Playing with your life now. Your temp drop drastically faster
    34.50° Hypothermia. You’re almost f’ed. From here on in i think you drop 20 health point per second or so, so get dried up super damn quickly and fix yourself mate
    30.91° DEATH! My lowest temp at death I could reach
    In 0.61 stable release we will not have the status bars to help us, but learn what these colored bars in your inventory mean right now in experimental so that you know how to fix it and get used to rhythm of it.
    BASICALLY, DO Not Get DRENCHED and think you are safe from overheating, It means death is coming to visit soon. Get DAMP or WET and keep moving BUT not SOAKED or DRENCHED ans sit around, and then when drying by a fire do not get your face melted. You drop 200 health points per second. I did not know I was dried up and suffered the consequences.

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    Oh oops, forgot. a Gorka does not make you get wet when its raining, same with a rain jacket


    if you run through water with those waterproof type clothing on you, you WILL GET WET and start to cool down. Best advise for your friend was to keep moving and he would then notice the temperatures starting to STOP dropping until he was dried out completely and safe

  • I’ve played on multiple servers(some raining as I take which ever I can get into soonest), and I have experienced heavy rain at least once every 3 days. I’ve never died because of it.

    Remember this is a survival game – the environment is as unforgiving as the players, so be prepared to hole up in a house in the woods, and sit tight for 20 minutes to half an hour if you don’t have the gear. If you don’t excited by that, then this may not be the right game for you.