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Im here today to say what is my suggestion to fixing this game and making it greate again.

We all know that the game is not going the way it should be right now. You can see this by the current players that are playing the game. So what can we get from this, the game is dying.

How to fix it?

Let me tell you.

Developers listen very carefully, you need to make a data back up to the best patch we had in this game. The patch is:
v0.44.123800 (23 Apr 2014)

You may ask, why to return the game so much back in history, what about all the progress we made.

What progress do you see people, the game is dying. If you return the game to this patch where the PVP was everywhere only because we had gear everywhere you are going to make the game come back to life. Developers, if you get the game back to this patch and fix the known bugs and releas the game you are going to be ready with everything. DayZ SA from this patch was the most good experience every player had in his dayz carrer.

To everyone who is with me, say something, make this dream come true. Make DayZ SA greate again!!!


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    I feel this post from generalzzi is very small minded. The day will come when they release the good stuff, I should say the great stuff Everything they are working on will be released and it will be good and amazing. These Devs are working hard behind the scenes, quietly working and tinkering away at what they promised to deliver and on the other side people are just bitching away at how shit DayZ is. It is time for you people who do this to start following the development process and get with the game. Read up on the development status reports, learn from them why the development is taking longer, why things are a bit broken. Follow their twitter account or their popular streamers that keep you up to the date all the latest news and info. Connect some dots and build your own DayZ of the future puzzle and you will know exactly why they are where they are

    Can you not see the way DayZ has come from that old patch 44 to where it is today. You really want to go back to finding up to 3 cans of food in each house, once used up no new recycled food will respawn, Or run and bump your toe against a stone and you are dead, NO vehicles, OLD map and yes then off course around that time the people use to dupe by logging out of a server and back in maybe just in time to see your old self still standing there giving you enough time to kill your old self and end up having double of everything plus off course 2 4 hour servers of only 30-40 players max.

    Maybe we have to wait at least 8 – 12 more weeks for patch 62 which is going to be a BIG one as it will change the entire look of DayZ. They are literally doubling the tree and bush amounts as I recall in some hints from earlier status reports. Why? because they want to up the forest density so that people could more easily build and hide camps better. By then the apple tree would be fixed and who knows maybe even the pear trees could work

    Patch 63 will maybe and sadly only come before Christmas I believe as it will be the biggest patch release ever. It will change the ENTIRE feel of this game and also not to forget that it WILL be the Beta patch. Hints and clues left not long ago to just an example was that they advertised the Little Bird chopper. Along the lines they completed said chopper claiming they still needed only to work just on some graphical rendering so it will look good and not like a 8 bit game chopper. Mechanically it worked good as well, but they warned that the networking issues could keep the chopper away a little longer, but that is also much much better all ready, but the biggest clue as to why it is not released yet was because of the controller system which is messed up right now. They said they will not release any of these items/ objects as they will only work with a very good controller system. Just look at the very last status report (4th April one I believe) and you will notice that it is their biggest priority going forward and that it (the controller system) will come in patch 63.

    a Few status report earlier they also said they got a massive backlog release they need to issue to us. Maybe this is all the stuff they’ve been working on the past few months to a year/ two.
    Showcased items such as
    Weapons – rocket launchers, tazers, heavy machine guns, steyr scout sniper rifles, shot guns etc etc

    Clothing – Haz mat suits, shorts etc etc

    Mobility items – Motorcylcles, Bycicles, Little bird chopper, Bumble bee airplane, various ammounts of vehicles from that little truck thingy to a Golf Mark 2 and that yellow car which hood opens to the side and then off course around 8 patches or so ago they made plenty of changes to all docks right around the coast. Recently in patch 60 they added ladders to get out of the oceans onto the docks. Is this secretly the additions we will need for Boats. I bet it is

    Base building and electricity items (BIG BIG BIG one this) The crafting system would scream for a new much improved control system, exactly what they want to release by Beta phase (patch 63)

    Wild animals – Bears and maybe some better revamped foxes and Boars, the return of the goats and sheep and just maybe some more finely tuned wolves

    Point is this list can go on and on and on and if it comes before Christmas which I do believe it will then just think what a wonderful Christmas it will be. All who left DayZ and who turned their backs on the Devs WILL return to DayZ and then I just wonder if they will be the honest and man enough and admit that they acted a bit prematurely by slashing this game to pieces with all the negativity publicity they could.

    It took 12 years for Doom (2016) to be released after Doom 3 (2004). 12 years!. DayZ is only a third of that time in development and in my mind a much better game promising a much longer longevity. I am not comparing these two games, but a Doom game is a single player game where there is absolutely no story building or friendship building as in DayZ. Off all my MANY friends who own and play GTAV and Fallout 4 only one or 2 return there for some game time and they are still very new games, but off my 72 friends who own DayZ I see up to 15 who open up DayZ each day. No other game out there got the adrenaline pumping as DayZ and I feel too that DayZ is maybe right now the most talked about game ever which borders it to receiving some cult status amongst all it’s fan and those who collected it to their gaming Libraries

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    This is so incredibly stupid. I don’t even.

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    Sorry but I have to disagree pvp will not help the game. There is already enough kill on sight in the game. And you can’t say a game is dying its the player base that is leaving not the game. What will make this game great is when they remove the apple glitch, make loot scarce, and hunting and soft skills a priority.

  • Sorry but for me you are one of these guys who joined dayz later and think
    DayZ=Gearing up+PvP
    This is supposed to be a hardcore survival game with interactions and not Call of Duty…

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    DayZ is already a great game for me and it can only get better. I dont care if there is going to be only 1000 players left playing this game in the far future, lets say 16 full 60player server, at least I will know they will be the right players to play with or against.

  • Its people who play dayz as a pvp cod game is one of the reasons the server base has dropped go and play something else, I still love playing it probably more so now most of the fake pvp dayz players are gone …Its..Still Number 1 to me…

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    That would do the opposite there’s so much added since that patch..No one can change the way people play but i believe if they add the soft skills &base building along with the new player control it should make the game feel a little more refresh & balanced until their next big update.Its a very fun game to play even as is but i guess after 0.59 the slow updates make the game feel like its dying,,i still have hope
    in the game..

  • WHY POSTING IN THIS SITE IS SO UNSTABLE ? Not the first time my comment is gone….

    OP is stupid.

    DayZ development is too slow.

    DayZ gameplay is disappointing because it is hard to meet people, it used to be easy to meet people at NOVO, BEREZINO or ELECTRO at least… now perhaps you can meet somebody at ZELENOGORSK, but hardly… all 60players are scattered in 10square km, hiding. You don’t even hear shots for hours.

    When I have spare time for gaming I don’t want to gamble with DayZ – perhaps I’d have awesome interactions, and great PVP, but more likely I’ll just spend my time running looting, staying aware of environment, but not really experiencing anything. It is pure luck, it is like fishing…

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    I agree with all of the comments about getting the COD players to leave. The concept of this game is stil what I’ve been yearning for this entire time of development. I have stopped playing the game simply because the developers stopped caring about fixing what has been broken for years as well as not deliver on what they committed to early on.

    – cars are still more fragile than a soda pop can. You spend all that time putting it together and then it becomes broken and immobile after running over a 2 inch wood post on the side of the road. That doesn’t happen in real life.
    – lack of resources to fix glitches quickly. I talked my buddies into coming back after the new engine was released and they quickly stopped playing because of the overheating glitch that was ignored for a quite awhile. Other companies release hotfixes. Why can’t you?

    They spend all this time changing maps, and adding wolves and what not, yet some of the core components are still broken. This beta has been out for years now and despite the fact it’s supposed to be a survival game, there is ZERO base building functionality?

    The development team is very misguided. What will make this game great again is when they release it to modders who will quickly fix all of the things Bohemia refuses to look at. I gave up on Bohemia a long time ago.