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ive been rec and live streaming for some time now and ever sine 0.60 came out ive been getting a very dark stream/rec i dont really know how to fix this other then in obs i turn up the gamma im just trying to figure out how to fix this thing because i cant really do any thing i did look up how to fix rec for shadowplay and it works sometimes but its only works like one time then i have to close the game and reopen i have to alt tab or go in to the video options and change the video res. but like i said it works like one time could it be the sweet FX i have installed? or maybe its just a bug with dayz? none of my other friends  are having this issue my GPU is a msi gtx970  i use shadowplay to rec also. if anyone knows how to fix this pls do tell im would relly like to get back in to rec with no issues


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    if you mean your gamma in game then there is a way to increase the gamma for recorded video using OBS which I think is better than the solution that is out for the shadowplay issue at moment. If your using OBS CLASSIC then select your dayz scene in obs under the “Sources” box on the right hand side select the one for your dayz game and right click on it…select properties. When the next box pops up on the lower half you should see a slider – This changes the gamma for dayz in obs. I would suggest upping this to between 1.30 and 1.50 depending on your preference. This change wont affect your gamma in game but any recordings you make or streams you do viewers should notice a better gamma level.

    If you use OBS STUDIO its a bit different to do but if you need instructions for obs studio then let me know and ill explain that one. Im assuming that your using obs classic and need advice for that.

    It wont have anything to do with SweetFX as I have that installed too and I dont have a problem with my recordings or streams.