zCaptain Heli Hunter 3 years ago

I remember thinking about this after finding one, some months back.

I think it would really help with immersion, although it would make an heli crash a very likely chance of a firefight. I really don’t know how much this could break the server stability or something, but the idea seems really nice to me. I’ve seen heli crashes pop in and out, in front of me… And every time I see that, I just feel like I awoke from a dream, and my immersion-levels go straight to 1% haha, if ya know what I mean.

So the basic idea would be:

The helicopter would fly in from the edges of the map in a straight line (diagonal or 90º, whatever would tax the server less, idk), and crash in the current assigned locations, randomly. Since all of the heli-crash locations are mostly in the west side of Chernarus, they could spawn in the east-side, from the ocean, and go straight to where they would crash. With a little animation on the propeler while going west + some descent&spinning animation near the location + a grenade/explosion sound or something..

I think it would be a lot more dynamic and exciting.

(I’m sorry if this was someone else’s previous suggestion, but I can’t use this forum to search posts. Can’t find the option)


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    What would be even nicer is to have Pilot Zombies walk around those choppers too. The dead have turned and walk around with that little extra surprise gear or just to keep you on your toes going in for the steal

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      There are no zombies in this game. people of chernarus got infected with a virus that makes them aggressive, I don’t see how pilots could: 1. Actually survive the crash and 2. Be healthy enough to go around to catch the virus (since they’re not from chernarus and had no interaction with the virus beforehand) and 3. return to the helicopter to protect the site.

      A good version of this would be that once the heli crashes, infected in a certain radius get attracted by the crash. Eg. heli crashes above Veresnik and zombies from VMC and Vibor get aggroed to that location.

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    Ironically, my rank is Heli Hunter… lol just noticed.

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    It would be very immersive, exciting, and make more sense.
    But I prefer them needing to be hunted down. If you could see them fly in, then it would turn into an air drop like Rust or H1Z1, and everyone would make a mad dash for it.
    I rather it be harder to find. It’s such a good feeling to be the only one to find a crash. And very intense, because you don’t know if someone is using it as bait.

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    Good call…. I’m pretty sure the average player has been hoping for something along these lines. Hence making the events “dynamic”. Let’s hope they read this and other threads.

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    Deadjuice, I understand what you mean about turning Chernarus into a kind of arcade-ish pvp arena with this. But you gotta understand, this map is 200+km2 (right? Not sure if I’m exagerating with the numbers..).
    I said “straight or diagonal lines” on the heli paths because of constant chatter about “server stability”. Ideally they would be randomized.

    The point is, imagine this:
    You are in Svetlo or Berezino, you spot an helicopter going inland. You know where potential crashes are, if you check the map. So, no point in chasing the heli, they go too far inland. Can’t catch it. This heli is headed south of Vavilovo.

    So, on the other hand, some firefight going on in NWAF would possibly be interrupted because of the sighting and crashing sound. And the fight would have to move, or not. (Maybe just use it to shoot someone if the back)

    You’re not FORCED into checking every single one. It’s dangerous.

    Anyway… I just think it’s better than it just popping in and out.

    Thanks Luke, you got my point.. 😀 “Dynamic Events”, damnit! Not sure this gets read enough to make a difference tho… Let’s hope some Bohemians are taking notes at my genius suggestions… Argh

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    I like this idea, and for those who may not be fond of it, they can also keep the Heli crashes as they are now, but ONCE in a while, a change of scenery like this would definitely break up to monotony.