I have started a Community Server with a Trader on it. Iam running things on my own and looking for people that want to be part of this Community and help me run things. All ages are welcome to join the Community but you must be 18+ to become a MOD.
This server will be PvE during the week and PvP Purge days on the weekends. Good for players that like both worlds. Make your own base and loot to Purge on the weekend! Or just simply bring your loot up to Green Mountain to Trade for even better more powerful military gear! 
Make your way up the ranks and become an Admin on my server. 
Here are some links for more info about us. 
Add me if your interested, Thank you!

Steam Discussion: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221100/discussions/7/1696046342872950360/



Server IP: