Here is the thing. We Owned a Server and it was mainly used to store loot and build bases
Then Hackers came along and stole the whole DayZ Show on almost all shards and it was very unpleasant. It happened to such an extent that up to 30 friends of mine just upped and left the Game of DayZ and I hardly believe that some will even return to DayZ. It is how I read their attitude towards the game.

I’ll ask this site’s administrator to also remove this if he deems it not appropriate and if it is left on it should only be on this site till the 24th in a few days and he can also remove the z’s made of off this published article.

Now to the Map and Grab What You Can part.
I desperately tried to get some guys back for a last run of fun by trying to turn a section of DayZ (NE Airfield) into a FFA battle zone by strategically placing tents all over with Food and drink for fresh spawns to help them get to Militarized tents for gear and Clothing.

I chose NE Airfield as it has so many spawns withing a 2km run. I placed close to 30 blue tents with rice and water and other helpful items to just grab and run.
Then I have up to 16 Military tents and 1 Green barrel in very close proximity of EACH tent. Barrel hidden but within 50m of military tent. The plan was to have an ultimate battle without fear of losing gear and the only upsetting thing would be to get a spawn back close enough.

What is inside the tents, Well whatever your heart desires except a Vintores and supporting ammo as I could not get hold of any. Tents have military and a variety of black and grey clothing and weapons, one of each main firearm possible and the Drum barrels have a massive wide variety of ammo.
Well, My plan fell through as I ended up with literally no assistance and I got saddened that and that DayZ is dying in such a way and mainly I still blame hackers and cheaters for doing this and me losing my friends fun play along the way
The extent of the Hackers Damage is that our public server is shutting down for good and it is still filled with so much shit that no team can carry it out in one go

SO IT IS AL UP FOR GRABS IF YOU WANT IT!!! No Strings attached

I renamed the server to Grab What You Can
It is based in Paris France and SHUT DOWN DATE is 24 SEPTEMBER 2016

THE MAP WAS GIMP’ed by me (my phrase for Photoshop attempt using gimp) and it has all the exact locations of the tents and points of interest. Please zoom in as it was not done to be too easy for everyone.
Also should be less gear as the Russians truly love to come onto that server.

I have moved over to Private shards and mainly Role Play shards as it is super fun and spectacular.
You do not need to know where it all came from, you can just have it all or let it go with the shut down

I was contemplating hard to do this or not so PLEASE and LASTLY do not JUDGE!