Me and my friend are fresh spawns and we both are trying to get electro spawns.  I spawn in cherno and found a mpg 30 round clip 25 spare rounds.   I kill a fully geared guy and take his stuff, including an m4 multiple clips.  So I’m like perfect now I’m already fully geared and I got a gun for my friend(the mp5).  Unfortunately the rounds got damaged.  I used the 3 rounds I had left in my clip from killing that guy to repair the 25 rounds and 30 more ruined ones I found on the guy.  So now Im at 58 total rounds but they are all badly damaged.

I meet up with my friend give him the gun outside of electro, the first thing he says is somthing about the condition of the ammo and I’m like those 30 badly damaged rounds are for sure better that 3 pristine ones(he was worried about gun jamming).  But he wouldn’t even have any gun if it wasn’t for me. So I told him to test it out and sure enough it shot 5-6 rounds befor jammin (more than the 3 pristine ones that he preferred, plus now we still have more rounds to work with rather than just 3 pristine ones).

So is this my fault that he died?  Because I gave him a gun he wouldn’t have without me, and he did test it out.  And then we encounter the group and he just runs right on in there while I said “hold back lets think about this(on video)” and he says the gun jammed be for he shot even one round ( I think he forgot to unjam it but that besides the point) so he died.  I feel that he should have been aware of the possibilities of his gun jamming and have an escape route ready, but no he depended fully on the gun knowing it would jam so he could blame his death on me.  Bt remember he would only have a melee weapon if it wasn’t for me.

I typed this out as biased as possible because I’m not trying to offend my friend, I just want to know if I’m right or he is.  Whats your opinion?