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Dayz Standalone is a mmo zombie survival simulator that began production late in 2013. Since then, it has undergone massive updates and revisions, furthering the game towards the game we’ve always wanted.

However since the launch of alpha, a large portion of the community seems to have split off and are currently doubting the game’s development. Although I do not share their opinion, I respect and understand why some have lost interest or have given up hope.

That being said, the one thing I cannot stand is the one’s who stay in the community. I’m not talking about the ones who express concern or start discussions to help further the game, for communities are based on that :D. I’m talking about the ones who are in every comment section of every dayz video, forum, and status report that trash the game.

We’ve all seen them, the people who go on dayz videos, posted by dayz YouTubers who’s sole purpose seems to be trashing the game. “This game will never be finished”, “this game is more broken that the mod”, “I want my money back”. I don’t understand it, why TF are you here if you don’t like/believe/given up hope about the game.

Yes the devs are taking a while, yes there are bugs, yes we’re in a rough spot. However if you’ve paid any attention to the information given, you’d understand that the devs are going ham and the game’s future looks bright.

First off, besethsda will finish this game, they have to, or they’d risk ruining their reputation. Second the status reports indicate a massive backlog of content. They’re working on the player controller, which is currently in a terrible state. This player controller has been holding back a large amount of content. Some of this content includes but is not limited to :
Weapons – rocket launchers, tazers, heavy machine guns, steyr scout sniper rifles, shot guns etc etc

Clothing – Haz mat suits, shorts etc etc

Mobility items – Motorcylcles, Bycicles, Little bird chopper, Bumble bee airplane, various ammounts of vehicles from that little truck thingy to a Golf Mark 2 and that yellow car which hood opens to the side and then off course around 8 patches or so ago they made plenty of changes to all docks right around the coast. Recently in patch 60 they added ladders to get out of the oceans onto the docks. Is this secretly the additions we will need for Boats. I bet it is

Base building and electricity items (BIG BIG BIG one this) The crafting system would scream for a new much improved control system, exactly what they want to release by Beta phase (patch 63)

Wild animals – Bears and maybe some better revamped foxes and Boars, the return of the goats and sheep and just maybe some more finely tuned wolves

And another thing. Stop comparing this game to PUGBS or rust or battlefield. They’re completely different games, of completely different genres. Imo, the devs could easily create PUGBS if they stripped the game down to guns and loot spawns. (If anyone mentions vehicles, try crashing two of them together in PUBGS). Rust was trash and had to strip the game of it’s zombies, defeating the original purpose of the game. They then revised it after much work and made it a decent game. Dayz is trying something even more ambitious than rust. Remember h1z1? It’s worse off than dayz.

In conclusion, give this game a chance, fuck off if you don’t like it, stop comparing it to other games, and be patient. If anyone made it this far, I congratulate you. You’re truly a gentleman and a scholar 😀


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    I agree with you ,but i think they rag on dayz is because they want dayz to be the game they want and they want it now. and don’t care what it takes to make dayz the way the developers want it to be in the end

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      Nice post. Been meaning to say something like this myself and couldnt have done it better.
      Most of them are ignorant to the development of the game and dont even bother to understand it. Some of them imo seem or are quite stupid as well who make comments like that.
      they are people who think rome was built in one day.

      If we’re not fully versed on a subject, we tend to follow the guy who appears to know more than we do. Herd mentality.

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    The issue with what you’ve said is that the devs have been promising SO much for not weeks, not days, not months… but YEARS. Since it’s release the only changes this game has seen is a few new items and A LOT in the way of a more solid engine
    . As of 2014 there were 2 million copies sold. As of 2015 there were 3 million copies sold. So let’s say they only grew by half that the past 2 years and are now sitting on 4 million copies sold. That’s a gross of 140 MILLION.
    With that kind of money coming in we’d expected the devs to ramp up design, hire more staff and make this happen. But instead what we saw was the addition of a few items and the game change engines.
    After almost 4 years… People aren’t pissed that it’s taking time, they are pissed there is no point to the game. there is still no content. There is no end game. There is no permanence. All the game is is a pvp arena and a horrible one at that, it’s too massive to be good for pvp. unless the server sizes were ramped up to 100+

    As for comparing this to pubgs, it’s a fair comparison in that it shows what can be done by a design team who actually puts the game as priority and makes educated and wise decisions for the development of the game. pubgs development started early 2016, so about a year in and they have a solid game with a point.

    We will keep playing dayz because we are holding out hope that they will one day make it the game we have all been hoping it would be. But for the time being we are pissed and anxious because they have taken our money, promised us a great open world game and have only delivered an alpha for YEARS…

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    All that said, I did label this as ‘discussion’ and invite people to discuss the game’s state and spark up a conversation

  • Take a look at projects like arma 3, dont expect on this game more than an unfinished game plenty full of bugs, is the only they know to do.

    i started play this game first day release. Having not expectatives on it, every version they release, things goes worst.

    im not a rager, im a logic person watching the progression during years.

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      i had and i still have a lot of fun with arma since modders took they hand on it !
      It will took some times maybe a lot more but bohemia is working now and will release a solid base for mods on dayz SA.
      We just have to wait until the final stage and then the community will make awsomes mods that will erase all the other survivals games ….
      And there will be both mods for thoses who loves PVP and thoses who loves survival …
      all we have to do is wait and let them make what bohemia is the best for : a fantastic tool for the community of modders

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      Well it’s basically what WIP actually means 🙂

      Alpha is alpha.