Please Read,

I currently have 900hrs of Dayz play and almost 1600hrs on Arma3. Every time I meet new players they either end up trying to kill me or never end up playing the game for long periods of time.

I am currently reaching out to those who are experienced and PvP combat efficient!

My info-

AY6 Mini -steam
GTX 970
MIC and Ts included!


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    We were too very active at pvp’ing, but VERY MANY left for various reasons such as Hackers and Cheaters pulling the game apart AND THE DAMN FOG that is a tad to UNREALISTIC and then you got to ask yourself the question where you want to fight as you get the Urban type fighters (cities and a town called Kamyshovo(Kamy is just besieged by building glitchers btw)) and the two Bush setting at MWA And Myshkino tents. I for one just love the Urban settings as it can bring the action to your doorstep with also the some very sneaky sniping as there is sniping spots in Urban areas.
    I prefer Urban as I hate this NW shit, but Urban has its downfalls off course, More building glitchers and irritating returning Bambi’s who got nothing to lose and the come in thinking the most realistic thing to do is to run and punch guys out while you concentrated on his friends firing at you too (maybe they should put a time out on you if you die by gunfire like a 5min spawn timer)
    You also got to say where you are from as different international time zones could make it difficult for guys who would actually want to run with you but can’t because when you go to bed they come online etc
    If you need someone to run with I am willing to give it a go. I have a friend or two trying out Severograd killing every last person there for the reason of wanting them to complain about bad killers there to maybe get their friends to come sort us and maybe it could become a damn decent hot spot for fighting.
    I have literally zero ARMA playing time, but am around 5300hrs DayZ SA, know the game, map and little things rather well. Since I found this game I never played anything else anymore as I love it to bits, with it’s faults

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    I’m not that experienced but I know the basics (+1000 hours on DayZ / +300 hours on A2Mod) and I’m always looking for people to play and interact with because I honestly think that DayZ is meant to be played with a group. I would be glad to play with everyone on this post, my Steam username is the same as here!