NetherStar Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Hello , i am having a problems with fps while using long range scope and pso…
CPU : i5-4460 3.2Ghz
GPU : GTX 750Ti
Memory : 6gb ram.(6079mb usable)
Settings :
Objects : Very High
Terrain : very low
Clouds : disabled
Shadows : Disabled
Video memory : 2048
Texture details : Very high
Texture Filtering : very high
Edge smoothing : SMAA NORMAL
Everything else disabled or on lowest setting.
FPS : Min:40 Average:55 Max:80
FPS while using pso/long range : Min : 15 Average:25 Max:40
… It’s really annoying and unplayable for me while using scope.
Anyway to fix this problem? Would appreciate any kind of suggestion.